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  • Ac-cetera - Manufactures clamp-on devices that direct microphones to drum heads, and lights to work areas, as well as no-creak goosenecks.
  • Amco Industries Co Limited - Manufacturers of baby products, bags of all kinds and artificial finger nails in Hong Kong.
  • Artmatic Trading - Manufacturer of acrylic display cases, showcases, holders, trophies, souvenirs, and gifts. Located in Malaysia.
  • Ay-Ay International Co., Ltd. - Factory direct supplier of blow torches, pocket torches and soldering iron kits, and related items. (Taiwan)
  • Beijing ICO Stationery and Sports Corp. - Manufactures a wide range of products, such as sports goods, culture, education and office supplies in China.
  • Beverley Industrial Company - Produces hobby tools, car vacuum cleaner, mini fluorescent lantern, and lady personal care products.
  • Blue Magic Products - World-wide manufacturers of care products for waterbeds, conventional bedding, furniture, and sports gear. Located in Stockton, California.
  • CAC Co., Ltd. - Manufactures and exports apparels, ties, flags, bags, water meters, hats, garden tools, flash lights, instruments, machines, working tools.
  • Chase Products Co. - Produces a wide range of spray household items including paints, insecticides, automotive and bench products, craft products, health and beauty aids, and private label products.
  • Cheer Lord Enterprise Ltd. - Manufacturer cameras, binoculars and accessories in China.
  • Chhaganlal and Company - Manufacturers of incense sticks, dhoop sticks, cones and bath salts. Located in Bangalore, India.
  • Chiapton Gifts Limited - Manufacturer of gifts trims including the ribbon pull bow. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Clean Wrap - Korean manufacturer of a plastic food wrap.
  • Coastal Pet Products, Inc. - Manufacturer of high quality pet products in Alliance, OH.
  • Coltellerie Paolucci - Blade manufacturing for knives, scissors, and other tools.
  • Consumer Sales Co. - Gaming and casino products for home entertainment. National mail order distributor for Kem plastic playing cards.
  • Dar Yaw Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufactures many types of scissors from professional barber to general purpose. Located in Taiwan.
  • - Offers adjustable drinkholders for cars and boats,and computers.
  • Dynasty Electronics Ltd. - Manufactures and exports mini-radios, novel, desktop, and portable radios. Located in Hong Kong. [Flash required]
  • Epoch Industrial Company - Manufacturer of airline and hotel amenities.
  • Euro Sandow - Produces custom made elastic nets, shock cords, bungee cords, elastic straps, luggage and floor nets for a wide variety of securing applications.
  • Excel Process Pvt. Ltd - Manufacturer of name plates, labels, speaker grills and, decals for consumer products. Located in India.
  • Fame Yang Co., Ltd. - Specializes in raincoats, plastic bags and other disposable items.
  • First Light International Ltd - Manufacturers and distributors of disposable and refillable cigarette lighters and gas lighter refills. Located in UK.
  • Fiskars - Corporate web page for a producer of a broad line of consumer products for use in homes, gardens, recreation and landscapes. Site includes tips and product literature.
  • Flag Cases by Gary Mawer - Offering a line of burial flag cases and cases for the display of service medals. Located in California.
  • Frontier Match Industries, Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of safety matches. Located in Pakistan.
  • Fusion Ribbons - Decorative ribbon manufacturing.
  • Gaden Corporation - Manufacturer and exporter of hot melt glue, sticks and chips.
  • General Electric - Products and services including consumer appliances and repair, lighting products for home improvement and warranty registration.
  • GMD Dudac - Produces stands and holders for CD discs and cassettes in the Czech Republic.
  • Gruffe' Cutlery Associates - Italian manufacturer of scissors and shears.
  • Hand Care Inc. - Disposable work gloves in latex or vinyl.
  • Haverhills Products - Featured products include telescopes, earphones, radios, and car starters.
  • Hip Tai Plastic & Metal Factory - Manufacturer of novelty plastic items. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Bo Industry - Manufacturer of CD cases. Located in Korea.
  • Hoyo Foundry Inc. - Manufacturer of gifts, bathroom, desk-top accessories Located in Taiwan.
  • Hsin-Yuan Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of electronics and safety products including baby strollers, multi-purpose bicycle lights, and credit card boxes.
  • Isitel Makina - Manufacture a range of electric blankets. Includes product overviews and photographs.
  • Jacob Gilardi - Manufacturer of seasonal decorations, publishing and antistatic products. Wholesale only. Located in Germany.
  • Jiangsu Palm Corporation - Manufacturer and exporter of down and feather, textile products, bedding products and bicycles.
  • Jin Xing Torch Factory - Produces torches. Site requires Flash.
  • Jordan Nippon - Manufactures wicks for many brands of kerosene room heaters.
  • Ke Hann Industries Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of mesh sponges, shower towels, rhombic net bags, and special-purpose net bags for drain outlets.
  • Kingmaco Limited - Plastic and metal products manufacturer in Hong Kong and China.
  • Kit House Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of cutters, leather cases, gift set, stainless steel tube, lighters, cigar accessories and giftware. Taiwan.
  • Kord Party Favour Mfy. Ltd. - Manufacturer of a wide variety of party accessories. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Lucienne Lighters - Manufactures jewelry design cigarette and cigar lighters, cigarette cases, cigar humidors and accessories.
  • Mailhawk Mfg. - Manufacturer of a device to extend ones reach, useful in both industrial settings as well as the home. Located in Warm Springs, GA.
  • Masco Corporation - A major manufacturer of a wide variety of household products.
  • Nagai Shing Metal Factory - Manufacturer of metal key-chains, cash boxes and other types of products. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Ningbo Anxin (Group) Co., Ltd. - Manufacturers of casters, paper shredders, flashlights, glass blocks, and mobile phone accessories. Located in China.
  • Oak Island Globes - Manufacturer of personalized, hand-made, terra-cotta world globes. Products, details, and gallery.
  • Omega International - India based company manufacturing and exporting bicycles/bicycle parts, hand tools, garden tools, agricultural implements, nuts/bolts, sports wear, sewing machines, auto parts, tractor parts, cutting/threading tools, and other light engineering products.
  • Ostrich International Ltd. - Makers of over 50 different types of ostrich leather products by New Zealand craftsmen.
  • Paliani - Manufactures a variety of household goods ranging from cotton radiator covers to large sealing pouches designed to remove air for storage.
  • Paper Converting Company - Manufacturer of paper and plastics products in Australia. Brands include: Safe recycled paper products, Merino quality products and Bouquets scented toilet tissue.
  • PartzWest Western Leather Goods - Handmade custom leathers for a variety of items.
  • Photopacker - A system for the automatic inserting of pictures that enables you to shelter them before manipulation.
  • Prestige - Produces and exports leather furniture, bedroom furniture, lingerie for women, clothes for men, fashion accessories, and Italian foods.
  • Prime Vision Limited - Manufacturer of cameras, radios, and paper shredders. Located in Hong Kong.
  • R-N Custom Leather Works Ltd. - Specializing in the design and manufacture of custom leather goods. Located in Canada.
  • Road-Mate Group Co Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of baby carts, beds, strollers, infant carts, tricycles, children toys, plastic products.
  • Safe for our Planet - Australian manufacturers of household paper products, such as toilet paper, from recycled and unbleached paper. Only safe, natural dyes, if any, are used.
  • Scatolificio Merdionale srl - Manufactures leather covered boxes and other small leather goods. Located in Italy.
  • Scott Paper Ltd. - Manufacturer of paper towels and sanitary tissue products for the consumer and away from home markets. Site lists details for each of the brand names produced.
  • Scott Products - Produces bathroom tissue, paper towels and napkins. Site provides links to online purchase and store locations.
  • Security Manufacturing Corp - Manufacturer of commercial, USPS approved metal mail boxes. Located in Grapevine, Texas.
  • Sheng Lee Plastic Company - Manufacturer of acrylic and plastic table tops and picnic items. Located in Tainan, Taiwan.
  • Shengbao Baby Appliance Co. Ltd. - Specializes in producing various baby carriers in China.
  • Shenzhen Cosmotree Industrial Ltd. - The Christmas factory specializing in all kinds of artificial Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, garlands.
  • Solid Industries - Manufactures eyewear, apparel, music media, and other consumer products.
  • South-West Composite Products - Glass and marble architectural material, hand crafts, and sanitary ware.
  • Spinelli-Group / F.I.M.M. S.p.A. - Manufacturer of metallic broom handles, plastic housewares, house-cleaning products, special machines and molds to produce these items.
  • St. Nick Brush Company - Manufacturer of consumer and industrial brooms and brushes.
  • Strata Products Ltd - Designs, manufactures and distributes plastic injection moulded products. Located in UK.
  • Sunera Trading Co., Ltd. - Gifts, watches, laser pointers and toys.
  • T And A Enterprises Co. - Manufactures flint type and piezo type refillable or disposable lighters and Christmas decorations in China.
  • Tavola S.p.A. - Produces and distributes automotive, household and personal care products in Italy.
  • Tecre Company - Manufacturer of electronic and manual button making machines, die cutting presses, parts, and accessories. Site includes lots of creative button making ideas and resources. Located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
  • The Brighter Company - Supplying quality tools and hardware, computer printing supplies, electric appliances, heat sealing, hot melt glue guns, glue stick and soldering irons.
  • The Holland Grill. - Produces a wide variety of outdoor and built in grills. Site lists products, accessories, recipes and information for dealers.
  • Toys-ChengHai Taicheng Trade CO. Ltd - Manufacturer of toys, household goods, handicrafts, and stainless tableware. Includes company information and online ordering system.
  • TravelArts - Manufacturer of international electricity conversion products. Located in Shamokin, PA.
  • Unilever - Official corporate site for a major manufacturer of food, home care, and personal products including margarine, tea, and Dove soap.
  • Union Metal Plastic Factory - Hong Kong manufacturer of rechargeable fluorescent lamps, lanterns, portable lites, torches, automobile accessories, kitchenwares and households product.
  • Union Rich Plastic Factory Ltd - Manufacturer of plastic items used by hotels and airlines. Located in Hong Kong and China.
  • Unique Inflatables Limited - Manufacturers of giant advertising balloons and custom made inflatables based in Hyderabad, India.
  • Untamed Frames - Hand painted photo frames, mirrors and crosses.
  • V. H. Blackinton Co. - Manufacturer of authorized custom badges and insignia for public safety departments. Located in Attleboro, MA.
  • Vac Creations Ltd. - Supplies carrom boards, wooden handicrafts, household goods, footballs, towels, artificial flowers, hot pots and fancy goods.
  • Voice Express Corp. - Provides technology that enables any company to offer talking voice chip enabled cards, gifts, imaging products and promotions that replay the sender's personal voice message.
  • Wah Yung Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of lighting, baby items, hardware, key chains, various gifts and premiums.
  • Waxing Manufactories Corp - Manufacturer in China of garden products, household electrical appliances and lighting products.
  • Well Task (Asia) Limited - Manufacturers of various types of radios, calculators, toys, household products, and promotional items. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Win Dynasty Development Ltd. - Electric appliances manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong that supplies consumer and household products.
  • Wingfeng Traveling Manufacture Factory - Specializes in traveling accoutrements such as luggage barrows, shopping carts, travel bags, beach chairs.
  • World Bond Resources - Disposable plastic items manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong.
  • Zhiye Lighter Factory - Manufactures electronic and flint cigarette lighters in Shunde, China.
  • Zhongshan Guangli Daily Products - Specializes in manufacturing articles for infants and children.

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