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  • ADAS International - Consultancy and research organization for agriculture and food, rural development and environment in the United Kingdom and overseas.
  • Advanced Dairy Analysis LLC - Information from Dr. Greg Goodell on profitability management, health monitoring and financial monitoring for your dairy operation in the United States.
  • AFC Consultants International - Offers management consulting in agribusiness, food and life science industries.
  • AgDixie - United States company offering services worldwide including production agriculture, agribusiness, human and animal health, and patented human and animal metabolic waste (plus grease) odor control technology.
  • AgResource Company - Independent information, statistical research, and advisory firm, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Agri-Growth Inc. - Maryland-based provider of products and services to the food and fiber production industry that includes educational marketing, professional training, agronomic research, precision farming and resource materials.
  • Agri-Management Group - Wisconsin-based group which can provide a 'one-stop-shop' for farm advice including personnel, financial, managerial and technical aspects, for both livestock and crop-based enterprises.
  • Agri-Mark, Inc. - Provides a full service grain brokerage service from their North Dakota base. The website includes an overview of services, market news, and related links.
  • Agribusiness Universe - This site contains many reports derived from commercial and trade research, plus a directory, intended for the agribusiness, agriculture, and food processing industries, particularly in Asia. The data is supplied by and majors on dairy products, fruit and vegetables, poultry and meat, rice and other grains, seafood and sugar.
  • Agricon Africa - Agribusiness consulting service based in Cape Town, operating through south and central Africa. Site includes various financial modelling tools.
  • Agricultural Engineering Associates - Engineering consulting services for commercial and production agriculture, bringing technical services to grassroots agriculture. Based in Kansas.
  • Agricultural Learning Systems - United States based consulting firm offers worldwide telemarketing, direct mail, market research, brochures, technical training, and market analysis.
  • AgriDesk EspaƱa - Provide facilitating advice and support to international initiatives in Spanish agriculture, especially in the horticultural sector.
  • Agriprose - Agricultural Communication Professionals - Australian agricultural and rural communications company based in Queensland and specialising in media relations, conference media management, event management, positioning, marketing, promotions and web design.
  • Agriversal - An international network of professional agriculture, agribusiness and environment consultants. Web site is designed to enable visitors find a consultant from the network database or post an anonymous contract opportunity.
  • Agro Consulting S.A. - A Uruguayan company with an office in Spain offering advice in China, Mediterranean countries, Latin America and Europe on agriculture, environment and agro-processing, including organic production and project evaluation and management.
  • AGrowPlan Consultancy - Australian agriculture and agribusiness consultancy. Specialising in soil and plant nutritional management, farm business and profit analysis, HACCP and Freshcare.
  • AMBIC Business Network - A group of independent consultants mostly based in south-east England, but with international experience. Each member has one page, with a list of the services offered.
  • Aquatek Irrigation Consultants - An irrigation design consultancy servicing Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
  • ASI Global SA - Swiss-based agricultural services and investments company with offices in United States, Australia, China, Chile and Germany, which offers worldwide opportunities for investments in land, water and hard assets. They also farm, manage, process, upgrade, consult, trade, commercialize, and offer full range of agricultural services globally.
  • Atokad Investments, Inc. - An Illinois company providing project-specific research, analysis and consulting to the beef and pork industry, retail meat marketing and food service operations.
  • Billungah Park Belgian Blues - Dr Sykes is a consultant veterinarian who has considerable experience in industry and global trends regarding beef production and also maintains a large herd of Belgian Blue bulls. The web site provides some useful information on Belgian Blues.
  • C&S Grain Market Consulting - Specializing in the current and historical analysis of December Corn and November Soybean futures prices. Specific projections and recommendations are made that enable farmers and traders to have better insights about the movement of prices (Illinois based).
  • CA 17 International - CA 17 International is a French company which provides consultancy services in the agricultural and rural sector internationally for private clients and public organisations.
  • Camelus International - This South African-based company specializes in ostrich nutrition, general husbandry, project planning and financial aspects. [Flash5 home page]
  • Cargill Agriculture Group - Weather, news, grain marketing information and agronomic advice (including pest management) updated regularly. This site represents Cargill Fertilizer, Cargill Grain, and Cargill Hybrid Seeds.
  • CEDE Center for Development - A private institution that offers consulting services in training, education, information, as well as extension and technical assistance for sustainable development in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and Bolivia.
  • CoMark (Cooperative Marketing Alliance) - A farmer-founded and farmer-owned co-operative that markets corn, soybeans wheat, rice and cotton for producers throughout the United States. [Contact by email or 0800 phone only]
  • Commodity & Ingredient Hedging (CIH) - A Chicago company which advises on how better to manage the price of the commodities which are sold, handled or used on a regular basis through a fully integrated hedge program. Useful weather, news and market price information on the site.
  • Commodity Concepts, Inc. - Grain advisory service located in Ohio whose main goal is to inform and develop grain-marketing strategies for the client.
  • De Paor Consultancy - Advises on advertising, exhibitions, PR, recruitment, research and sponsorship in Eire for cmpanies supplying agrochemicals, animal feeds, computers and software, equipment, forage products, livestock, machinery, publications or veterinary supplies.
  • Delta Enterprise Network - A group of farmers, entrepreneurs and others creating new business ventures, co-operatives and policy change in the seven Delta states, who assist each other in overcoming barriers to sustainable agricultural enterprises.
  • Don Lowe - A manager with 20 years of hands-on experience in commercial agriculture, both large and small scale, in Sri Lanka, Zambia and Mozambique.
  • Drew Associates Limited - A private limited company based in the United Kindom, consisting mainly of former senior officials from the United Kingdom Government. They are providers of consultancy, training and executive services to organisations and businesses in the rural, agricultural and food sectors across the globe.
  • eMillennium Marketing - A United States-based commodities consultancy which follows markets like the Chicago Board of Trade on a daily basis. All trading (buying and selling) advice which is posted is based on their own actions.
  • ENCON - India-based consultancy network assists NGOs, national and international development organizations, and the corporate sector with organic production methods and management.
  • EnSave Energy Performance - Vermont-based company works with utilities and the farming community to assess agricultural energy needs and implement effective energy programs in the United States.
  • Equine Solutions - Company specializes in business management for racehorse owners, from its Kentucky base.
  • Flenniken Design - Equine marketing and web design, based in Portland, Oregon.
  • Flora Consult - Offers turnkey consultancy for export-oriented flower projects from its base in India, specialising in hydroponics and international marketing. They have over 15 years of experience in Africa, India and Saudi Arabia.
  • Frazier, Barnes & Associates, LLC - Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the company provides a broad range of technical and marketing services to the agricultural industry throughout North and South America.
  • Gateway Co-op - Comprehensive United States-based site which offers agricultural market data and news (with price quotes delayed by 15 minutes), detailed weather data, and much more.
  • Gidgo Ag. Design and Consulting - Design and installation of custom shade structures for agriculture applications.
  • Global Agri-Tech - Wisconsin-based company providing research, planning, implementation and operation assistance for dairy, livestock, crop, equipment, or production projects.
  • Greenstar Resources PLC - An international renewable resources company based in the United Kingdom which provides management and investment expertise for agribusiness, forestry and the environment.
  • Greig and Associates - Worldwide management and technical services from a Florida company, for all phases of agricultural production from feasibility and cost studies through land development, to harvesting, processing and marketing (primarily in fruits and crops).
  • Hamilton International Services - Canadian development and management consulting firm which specializes in agriculture and rural development. The site provides a corporate overview, details of services, current and past projects.
  • Helberg Consult - A German based company advises producers, processors and exporters of organic products, such as spices, medicinal plants, coffee, tea, cocoa, fruits etc. Main activities are in anglophone and francophone Africa, in Asia, Caribbean, South Pacific and Eastern Europe
  • Hemispheres Consulting - This company is an international wine consulting partnership based in the United States and offering services ranging from vineyard development to winery design and production to barrel selection.
  • IFT Services - Consultants for the poultry industry and animal feed production. Also provides business plans, technical studies, trouble shooting and coaching. Based in Belgium.
  • James Kirwan Agricultural Business Consultants - Irish-based, international consultancy which provides practical information and contact details to both professionals and nonprofessionals who may wish to hire an agricultural consultant
  • LMC International Ltd - Provides economic, marketing and planning services in the field of agricultural products and their downstream markets and synthetic substitutes. The company is based in the United Kingdom with an office in New York.
  • LSC International, Inc. - A Chicago-based corporate advisory firm for all levels of the global agro-food chain whose services include strategic consulting, technology assessment, investment banking and global organizational development.
  • Mackenzie Cook Associates - Business planning and grant application consultants in the United Kingdom to the agricultural, horticultural, agribusiness, fish, food processing and general manufacturing sectors.
  • Market Solutions LLC - Market research, business strategy consulting, economic analysis and evaluation for corporate and trade association clients worldwide, from a Maryland-based company.
  • Marketbase - Marketing and communications consultancy based in France specializing in food marketing, promotion, and research in Europe on behalf of American exporters and national and regional associations.
  • Michele Payn-Knoper - United States based speaker who provides motivational and training packages to agricultural and agri-food businesses, including: 'Celebrating Agriculture', sales training, and community relations programs.
  • Midstates Bank Farm Management - Provides professional farm property management, real estate brokerage, and appraisal services to land owners throughout Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.
  • Moncrieff Agri Business Ltd - Specializes in strategic business planning encompassing crop protection, pesticides, animal health, fertilizer inputs and agri-associations in Canada and the United States. Publish the monthly Moncrieff Agri Business Letter.
  • Mony Agriculture - United States company (with offices in the United Kingdom and the Caymen Islands) offers advice on agricultural loans and finance.
  • Natural Product Development - International, United Kingdom-based consultancy service for the development of minor crops for industrial use, aimed at both producers and industrial users.
  • Pacific Rim Taiga - International natural resources consulting firm, working along the Pacific Rim specializing in Eurasian and Russian forestry, with offices in the United States and Russia.
  • Peter Lapinskas Consulting - Advice and guidance on the commercial and agricultural development of novel crops, especially evening primrose (Oenothera spp) and borage (Borago officinalis), including location of suppliers, processors and buyers.
  • Plexus Cotton - An international company specializing in the cotton trade, with representatives or agents in over 50 countries. The Flash-based web site includes a news section (updated every 2 or 3 days) and market reports, which are issued 2-3 times per month.
  • Prairie Feed Resource Centre (PFRC) - A worldwide research, development and consulting service from the University of Saskatchewan for animal feedstuffs. Site contains information about PFRC, media releases, links and pdf versions of its publications.
  • Primary Industry Quality Consultants - New Zealand based quality management consulting and auditing company. QCONZ operates internationally in the dairy, fertiliser and beef industries.
  • Proexporter Network - Provides grain transportation and processing companies with detailed grain supply and demand data and flows, specialiseing in advanced geographic analysis of United States corn, soybeans and wheat.
  • Property and Land Management Services - Forestry, resource management, aquaculture, land management consultancy services in New Zealand and overseas.
  • Resources International - Californian agricultural engineering and consulting corporation providing services to agri-business entities around the world. [Site has musical background]
  • RONCO Consulting - Large United States-based consultancy company with 390 full-time employees operating across four continents, it specialises on four main themes for less-developed regions: landmine removal; procurement services; agribusiness and private sector development.
  • Senechal Hale & Co. - A US based company which offers advice on strategy and marketing to food and agribusiness companies. The site gives examples of their work and a list of selected clients.
  • Sparks Companies, Inc. - Claims to be the world leader in broad-based agricultural and commodity market research, analysis and consulting. Founded in 1977, the company now serves more than 750 firms and institutions worldwide from its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Stuart Greaves Agrochemical Consultancy - Worldwide consultancy (United Kingdom based) in generic agrochemicals including markets, manufacturing process, patent information and the supply of active ingredients and their intermediates.
  • The Context Network - The company (formerly Context Consulting) provides advice on: strategic planning, market research, research targeting, opportunity analysis, competitive intelligence, alliances and acquisitions, from its base in Iowa.
  • The Ginnery - Cotton industry specialist (based in Scotland) with 28 years experience advises on all aspects of ginning from feasability studies right up to factory commissioning, training and management.
  • Toma & Bouma Management Consultants - A management consulting practice based in Western Canada, specializing in the food and agriculture industry. Services offered include: market planning, strategic planning, 'Value Chain' strategy development and management, and market research.
  • ULG Northumbrian Consultants - United Kingdom based company offering international consultancy & management services in: sustainable development & livelihoods, natural resources, fisheries, rural development, economic transition, water & wastewater, training & institutional change.
  • Viettan Consulting Ltd - A Vietnamese consultancy company, with associates in Finland and the United States, which provides professional consulting services to governmental agencies, provincial authorities, public utilities, bilateral and multilateral financiers and the private sector.
  • White Commercial Corporation - A Florida-based company which helps country elevators and other agricultural businesses increase margins and manage risk on the grain they handle, and originate grain effectively while helping producers market more profitably.
  • Widagri Consultants Ltd. - This Finnish group focuses on promoting gender equality and social justice in the field of development cooperation. The site offers an overview of their philosophy, together with examples of their international projects and collaborations.
  • Wondu Holdings - Australian management consultancy firm specialising in agribusiness, biotechnology, textiles and food manufacturing in developed and developing economies.

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