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  • Altern8ive UK - Articles about hacking, scripts, list of explots, and tools.
  • Archive of Hacked Websites - List and pictures of hacked sites.
  • Arizona Hacker Information Forum - Information about meetings and articles about hacking.
  • Black Oasis - Computer security, text library, exploits, hacking information, and hyperlinks.
  • BlacKBraiN's Hackers Area - Everything a hackers needs to hack, crack, protect and learn.
  • DefSon - Hacking tutorials and links to exploits.
  • DUFFmeng Software - Destructive software and articles about phreaking.
  • George's Hacking Statistics - Statistics and reports on attempted unauthorized accesses to one computer.
  • Groovy Hack - Descriptions of exploits, hacking tips, and forum.
  • Hackers of Israel Unite - Articles about hacking and Unix software utilities.
  • - Hacking information and underground.One of the oldest and biggest hacking site on the web.
  • Hacking Files - Links to hacking sites, cracking programs, and forum.
  • Hakemu - Password cracking software.
  • - Offers hacker clothing, software, cracks, cyberpunk column and book clubs, tips, chat rooms, live video broadcasts, game reviews and online surveys.
  • Harsha's Infopage - Selected RFCs, hacking tutorials, and links to other hacking sites.
  • HFX International - HFX international is "determined to bring the underground together as a single unified society, so that more can be accomplished".
  • India Cracked - Lists Indian sites that have been hacked and links to news articles.
  • InfoSysSec - Comprehensive collection of the best hacking news sources, tutorials, download listings, FAQs, and how to hack guides. Covers all topics from hacking to exploits plus hacking educational material for newbies to the seasoned professional.
  • - Information Warfare information.
  • Internet Transparency Association - Free original software and help on hacking & security issues.
  • MatriX Crew 2000 - Game cracks, hacking, nukes, war utilities.
  • Mr John's Underground Startpage - Link list divided into categories. Crack, hack, MP3 and satellite. No pop-ups.
  • Net Ninja's Dojo - Password cracking programs and a beginner's guide to hacking Windows.
  • Northern Ireland Hackers and Phreakers - Articles about UNIX hacking and phreaking.
  • - Tools, source code, and computer and internet related material.
  • SC - Hacking kit and mirrors of hacked websites.
  • Secure Root Underground Search - Web directory and search engine dedicated to computer security, hacking, phreaking, encryption, anonymity and cyberculture.
  • Sickboy's Pages - Source code, binaries, tutorials, text files, projects.
  • Stuff-Box - Search and download tools and drivers.
  • The Compound - Hacking, Phreaking, Cracking, texts and tools. source code and defence progs.
  • The Forbidden Web - A directory of cracking, security, and exploits sites
  • The Hackology Network - Software for cracking passwords, destroying hard drives, and anonymizing web access. Music and programming articles.
  • Toro┬┤s Place - Link list of MP3, FTP, cracks, games, cheats and other sites.
  • Untitled5 - Articles about UNIX and Windows security, exploits, and copies of selected RFCs. Includes source code for encryption algorithms.
  • WBG Links - Updated hacking links and news. Exploits and security information.
  • WebHacker - Find different tools, links and news for hacking and cracking.
  • - Encryption programs and other security-related software, news, list of hacked websites, and articles about hacking.
  • - Collection of hacking and security resources.

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