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  • All Star Review - Reviews of software, video, audio, and entertainment items by reviewers who are families or teachers.
  • All-Reviews: Toys - Reviews of toys and games by consumers.
  • Classic Toys - Classic toys that are still on the market, along with their first year of introduction and their current manufacturer. Compiled by the American Toy Institute.
  • Consumer Reports for Kids Online - Zillions (Consumer Reports for Kids) includes advice, ratings of toys and other things kids buy, and fun features like Fad Alert. Accepts no advertising from companies.
  • ConsumerGuide Best Buys: Toys - Staff reviewers analyze products and recommend the best.
  • CPSC Toy Safety Publications - Publications from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Dr. Toy - Provided by the Institute for Childhood Resources, this comprehensive site has tips, articles, evaluations, company links, toy history, "100 best toys", web links.
  • Edutaining Kids - Reviews and guide to the best children's "edutainment" toys, videos, software, music, and video games.
  • Epinions: Toys - Comprehensive site with consumer reviews, tips, and advice on both toys and games. Search by type, character, price or brand name.
  • Fun Play, Safe Play - A guide from the American Toy Institute, Inc. Covers importance of play, age-by-age guide to buying toys, choosing toys for children with disabilities, safety tips.
  • Game and Toy Reviews - What's a Kid 2 Do? and, What's a Teen 2 Do? provide computer children's software, toy, games, and sports reviews for consumers. Site focuses on products that are currently popular and in demand.
  • Gaming Friends - Online meeting place for online gamers.
  • How Stuff Works: Dancing Monster Novelty - In-depth description with many inside-view photos of a popular seasonal motorized novelty item.
  • How Stuff Works: How Magna Doodle Works - Photographic tour of the Magna Doodle, shows how the liquid dispersion medium is used in a toy that allows children to draw and re-draw pictures and words without wasting paper or creating chalk dust.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Water Blasters Work - Animated article shows inner workings of water pump guns capable of shooting 50 feet.
  • MSN eShop: Toys, Games and Education - A shopping site which also mixes in consumer information, including decision tips, product types available, and features to consider.
  • PIRG Toy Safety - Focuses on toy safety and has a complete list dangerous toys, plus shopping tips for consumers.
  • Rave Reviews - Sesame Street Parents presents age-customized reviews of kids' toys, books, software, games.,1184,,00.html
  • ReviewFinder: Toys - Provides links to large numbers of other consumer review sources for products, and shopping links for purchase.
  • Sci-Fi Toys - IGN Sci-Fi focuses on science fiction toys, particularly action figures, with reviews and notices of what is new and on the market.
  • Sport Fun - Offers specifications and information on many sporting goods and toys geared towards young children and teens.
  • T.O.T.Y. Awards - Toy of the Year Awards, voted upon by the general public and the toy industry. Data is available seasonally, generally around Christmas.
  • The National Parenting Center - Independent parent testers review, test, and give seals of approval to toys, games, books, software, educational products.
  • The Toy Guy - Toy reviews, game reviews, resources for parents and kids.
  • Top Selling Toys - Month by month list, and archives of previous years, of top selling toys, compiled by the American Toy Institute.
  • Toy Hazard Recalls - Toy recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission back to 1975.
  • Toy Reviews and Recommendations - A message board for consumers to post their reviews of toys.
  • Toy Safety Survey - Annual survey and video demonstrations of unsafe toys. Tips for choosing safe toys.
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension: Tips on Toys - Choosing safe toys, organized by age of the child.
  • W.A.T.C.H. World Against Toys Causing Harm - Non-profit organization that lists toy hazards and a "10 worst toys" list.
  • What's a Kid 2 Do: Toys - Reviews of popular children's toys with specifications and price range.

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