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  • - Meta consumer search engine offering product reviews from leading consumer web sites.
  • Active Buyer's Guide - Interactive guide that allows preferences to be listed and matched up with products that match. Comprehensive coverage including appliances, electronics, family and lifestyle products, home and garden, computers.
  • - Real people who can answer questions about products and services.
  • - A network of reporters, authors, and industry experts offering reviews of new products.
  • Cala Creek: Consumer Information - Consumer information on variety of subjects, including home, health, beliefs, products.
  • Care2's Consumer Guides Channel - Learn about eco-friendly products that are safe for your health and the environment. Written by experts and provide consumer information about different types of green products .
  • - Dozens of checklists of tasks to do to accomplish almost any goal or organize any activity with almost any personal or household subject.
  • Consumer Action Handbook - Published by the Federal Consumer Information Center it has shopping advice and tips about products and services including financial, and contact information for governmental agencies, business bureaus, consumer offices.
  • Consumer Federation of America - Articles, publications, and news on consumer protection topics such as food and drug safety, internet, energy efficiency, financial services, transportation, and health care.
  • Consumer Guide - Reviews and ratings for new and used vehicles, electronics, home office equipment and family products.
  • Consumer Information Center - Offers consumer reports and current news.
  • Consumer World - Consumer resources, articles and commentary on consumer issues.
  • - Annotated listings of the best consumer web sites.
  • ConsumerReview - Consumer-generated product reviews, ratings, prices for brands and models.
  • Consumers' Checkbook - On may download articles on many of the indexed rated subjects.
  • - Database of categorized consumer product reviews from a variety of news and trade publications. For each product, it ranks and describes all reviews, provides a full story of expert analysis, and lists top rated products by category.
  • - Reviews by a group of consumer product testing engineers of products that pass their standards.
  • Direct Marketing Association: Consumers - This site provides information and tips about shopping and rights as a consumer. Provides consumers a way to opt out of telephone, mail and e-mail contact lists.
  • DooYoo - Independent opinions community in the UK. Provides unbiased reviews for consumer products and services, particularly for those available in European markets.
  • eBusinessRate - User reviews of online businesses.
  • - Provides comprehensive information for consumer products in India.
  • - Provides information on consumer protection laws in thirteen countries and offer consumers a way to file complaints online.
  • EnerGuide - Produced by the Canadian government's Office of Energy Efficiency, rates home appliances for cost of operation and gives tips and advice.
  • Epinions - Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.
  • FirstGov: Citizen Gateway - Consumer news and information about the US federal government.
  • Forrester PowerRankings - Online consumer surveys and expert analysis. Provides consumers with objective research to help them make better buying decisions. .
  • Goldfish Guides Online - Consumer product guide offering impartial reviews and expert guidance.
  • - Introduces a variety of new products for the person who wants to know about and own new products first. Links to shopping sites.
  • InfoChoice - Offers a family of websites focused on providing consumer information and reviews for products and services from the banking, investment, telecommunications, insurance and travel industries in Australia.
  • JD Power Information Center - Using consumer satisifaction data collected, this site provides consumers information to help them in their buying decisions.
  • LiveManuals - A cost-free service allowing consumers to search through thousands of continuously-updated support files for most any breakable product.
  • MarketMarks - A consumer driven website rating service.
  • Master Me Meter - Life calculators and tools for career, family, and work.
  • - Consumer news from around the world updated in real time.
  • - India Consumer Information Exchange, providing reviews and opinions on more than 15,000 products and services.
  • NewsSynthesis Consumer News - News portal with consumer headlines from across the net.
  • - Allows consumers to rate and review services provided by e-tailers and vendors. Also offers savings through coupon codes, deals and specials.
  • Product Review Site - Features consumer reviews on a variety of products and services.
  • RateItAll - A place to find and share reviews of products, people, andtravel destinations.
  • - Providing consumer driven ratings, reviews, reports and links for products.
  • - UK hosted UK product reviews contributed unfiltered by consumers. Rankings and "best" are based on consumer reviews.
  • ReviewFinder - Provides links to large numbers of other consumer review sources for products, and shopping links for purchase
  • Send Me Surveys - Take part in surveys online. Reviews and lists reputable reasearch companies that conduct surveys, focus groups and product sampling.
  • The Austin Research Report - Informational reports about current topics, related solutions, or products based on findings from the Web.
  • The Consumer Choice Gold Award - Bridging the gap between consumers and suppliers by awarding the gold award to the finest companies in the UK.
  • The Frugality Network - Interenet consumer resources.
  • The Frugality Network Appliances and Electronics - Information on buying a appliance or piece of electronic equipment for the least cost.
  • - Offers tips and links related to shopping for the best prices and different places to visit.
  • Virtual Reference - Extensive database on consumer information from Duke University Libraries.
  • Want & Vote - Vote for items you want and online shops you like.
  • Welsh Consumer Council - Details of current projects, staff and publications, with advice, help and articles on a variety of consumer topics.
  • What's the - Buying guides with tips and advice. Also has a buyer's forum where people can post their experiences and degrees of satisfaction with products they have purchased.
  • World Web 3000 - A place for visitors to share information, ideas, and advice including product reviews.
  • You-Review Network - Consumer product evaluation and review site.

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