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  • Advantage Bio Consultants, Inc. - Consultants in veterinary vaccines, diagnostics, mergers and acquisitions, personnel selection and management (pharmaceutical industries).
  • Aequitas Consulting Group - Reimbursement positioning, pharmacoeconomics, health technology assessment, and outcomes analysis for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.
  • AGW BioStrategy, LLC - Biotechnology Consultants - Providing clients with analyses of concepts and products in biotechnology and biomedical arenas.
  • Alexander Apostolou Toxicology Consultant - Toxicology and Pharmacology Consultant, Litigation Expert, Regulatory Affairs, New Drug Development.
  • Axiom Resources - Specializing in marketing, human resource, and software consulting for Life Science start-up companies.
  • BioChemInsights, Inc. - Works with life science businesses to help clients expand their knowledge capital.
  • BioForesight - Facilitates Strategic Alliances for Proteomics & Therapeutic Antibody Companies
  • BioMed Capital Group Ltd. - A strategic and business advisory firm providing services in Bio-technological strategy development, divestitures, distribution and marketing agreements, and capital formation.
  • Biomedical Pharma - A pharmaceutical consulting company, providing consultation in the areas of Drug Development, Medical Affairs and Clinical Research.
  • BioPharm Consulting - Providing consulting services in the areas of biopharmaceutical regulatory affairs, medical writing, GCP quality assurance and clinical trial management.
  • Biospark Associates, LLC - Biotechnology consultants
  • Biotechnology Solutions - Consultants for biopharmaceutical research and development
  • Bobik Consulting, Inc. - Clinical study monitoring services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Bruce Girton Consulting Services - Providing consulting services in pharmaceutical analysis.
  • Calyx Inc. - Business development, marketing and strategic management services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.
  • Campbell Alliance - A management consulting company providing services to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.
  • Cinetic Consulting, LLC - Provides market research analytical services to pharmaceutical, industrial, and consumer packaged goods industries.
  • ClinTarget, LLC - Strategic consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and venture capital industries.
  • Cognigen Corporation Online - Cognigen Corporation is an innovative research and consulting company providing services to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare organizations
  • Consulting Resources Corporation - Management consultants to the chemical process, biotechnology, and chloralkali industries.
  • Consulting Services for the Medical Device Industry - Consulting on GMP, FDA submissions, medical device development, regulatory affairs, and clinical trials.
  • Covance Health Economics and Outcomes Services - Specializing in reimbursement planning, development, and implementation of economic support strategies and health outcomes research for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics, and health services industries.
  • Defense Life Sciences - Life Sciences for national and civil defense
  • Drug Safety Evaluation Consulting, Inc. - Drug discovery and development consulting services with expertise in bioanalytical chemistry, pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics, metabolism, and delivery.
  • Eidetics - Strategic research and consulting for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.
  • Endpoint Drug Development Consulting - Providing pharmaceutical and biomedical firms with advice on the clinical development of medicines.
  • Evelexa BioResources - Membership-based resource for biotechnology entrepreneurs, offering useful information on starting a biotech company.
  • Fipco - High quality information for the public and private sectors in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other medically related technologies.
  • Floraleads - Consulting, testing, contract research and design services in the area of herbal supplements, herbal remedies, natural extracts and bioactive compounds.
  • Frank Rosenkaimer Consultants - Organize and coordinate programs in the field of infectious diseases and "tropical" medicine.
  • Front Line Strategic Management Consulting, Inc. - Strategy and market consultancy specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • Gad Consulting Services - An international consulting practice serving the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer product industries.
  • Gaea Pharma Limited - Consultants to the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Globepharm Consulting - Globepharm provides GMP and Quality Systems auditing for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturers.
  • H. N. Oettinger Company - Management consultants for early stage high technology companies primarily in medical fields.
  • Haberman Associates - Assisting companies with identification and adoption of genomics and proteomics technology to expedite drug discovery and development.
  • Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Consultants - Provides consulting services related to homeopathic formulation, drug products, drug listing, company registration, and information services regarding homeopathic vendors, raw materials, manufacturing facilities and legal conselors.
  • IdeaPharma - Pharmaceutical marketing consultants
  • Innovative Clinical Solutions, Ltd. - Offering medical data and management strategies to more quickly yield marketable healthcare solutions, including drug development.
  • Integra BioScience Consulting, Inc. - Scientific, management and financial consultants to the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries.
  • Intelligent Business Algorithms and Consulting (IBATEK) - Market research, business and marketing plans, supply chain optimization, and IT applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.
  • International Pharmaceutical Consultants - Consulting work for medical, efficacy, and safety aspects of the development of new and existing pharmaceutical products.
  • J. E. Lincoln and Associates - Consultants serving the medical device, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries, with over 19 years experience in manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and management.
  • Jade Pharmaceutical Services - Dr Kirsteen Donaldson provides consultancy services covering all aspects of clinical drug development from first to man to registration.
  • LifeScience Partners, LLC - Management consultants with expertise in strategy, product development, marketing, finance, business planning and ecommerce.
  • Madison Keats - Investment banking services for a select clientele from the life sciences industry. Specializing in licensing, M&A, private placement and business valuation services.
  • Marion Weinreb and Associates, Inc. - Assisting companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic industries meet compliance and development needs.
  • MedicalModerators - Experienced, highly qualified medical focus group moderators for traditional or telephone focus groups. Meet the moderators and request a proposal online.
  • Mediplex - Medical communications and regulatory affairs consultancy.
  • Medovate - Business and technical development, as well as due diligence services, for medical device and health science companies.
  • Midwest Pharmaceutical Consulting, Inc. - Providing clinical and discovery science consulting services, including scientific market research, for pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.
  • Milestone Biomedical Associates - Independent consulting division of Pathology Associates, a Charles River Company, which specializes in regulatory strategy and preclinical product development of drugs, biologics, and medical devices from discovery through safety assessment.
  • Molecular Biotech Consultants - Dedicated to maximizing productivity by providing objective, personalized, technological solutions for industrial, clinical, and academic biotechnology teams, individual investigators, and investors.
  • NavarroPharma, LLC - Providing strategic consulting to the managed care and pharmaceutical industries.
  • NewVentures Bioconsulting - An international consulting firm providing bioscientific technology assessments and consulting services to the biotechnology, investment and legal communities.
  • Next Generation Clinical Research Consulting, Inc. - Consultant expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in all phases of clinical development.
  • Oriundo - Outsourced Pharmaceutical Business Development for Latin America.
  • Palace Healthcare Group, Inc. - Providing market research, business development, market planning, and strategic planning to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • PaxMed International, - Consulting services in medical devices - clinical trials, quality systems, regulatory submissions, biomaterials.
  • People in Health - Provides consulting, interim management and financial support to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare services industries.
  • Peter Simpson & Associates - Business Consultants who specialize in the Life Sciences and Medical Markets, but we also undertake assignments in other industries as well.
  • Pharma Scientific Services Team - We accompany your pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare products from tube to market and beyond.
  • Pharma Strategy Consulting - Strategic management consultants to the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Pharmaceutical Consultants - Pharmaceutical Consultants and training provider.
  • PharmaNova Consulting - Custom application and development of project management and knowledge management in the discovery setting.
  • phARMconsultants - Portfolio Consultants servicing the pharmaceutical, biomedical and biotechnology industries.
  • PharMedica Consulting Pty Ltd. - Consultancy services to the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of regulatory affairs, clinical research, health economics, medical communications, and training.
  • Phizz Rx - Strategy Consultants - Strategic management consultants to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and medical device industries
  • Princeton Pharmaceutical Consultants LLC - Consulting services and legal representation for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
  • Quality Assurance Systems, Inc. - Clinical research auditing and assessment.
  • Quintiles Transnational Corp. - A contract research company providing a widerange of clinical research services for biotech and pharmaceutical clients all over the world.
  • R.B. Kirsch Consulting - Consulting in Laboratory compliance, drug development, analytical validation, stability, CMC prep., cGMP compliance, analyst training and cleaning validation.
  • Recombinant Capital - Biotech consulting firm that also provides access to several searchable databases for the biotechnology industry.
  • Robsun Consulting Inc. - Consulting on medical device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products, and procedures and clinical therapies which involve blood coagulation and vascular biology.
  • Roger Lundblad, LLC - Consulting service for biotechnology manufacturing process validation, GLP laboratory compliance, product development and cGMP issues.
  • Statim, LLC - Consulting services to clients in the plant and life science industries. Focus is on new venture development and commercialization of novel technologies.
  • The Bruckner Group, Inc. - Strategic management consulting organization providing services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.
  • The Webster Consulting Group, Inc. - Management consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries.
  • Trilogy Associates - Business development and management consulting firm specializing in medical, bioscience and certain industrial markets.
  • ValiCor Associates, Inc. - Pharmaceutical and biotechnology validation, computer validation, and compliance consulting.
  • Validation Technologies, Inc. - Worldwide validation, quality, compliance, and production services for the medical device, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotechnology industries.
  • Vision Biotechnology Consulting - Specialists in drug, device, and diagnostic product development, clinical trials, and manufacturing.
  • WR Tolbert & Associates, LLC - Consulting services for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, with particular emphasis on cGMP manufacturing, facility design, quality systems, auditing, and training.
  • Xiros plc - International medical device company working with multinationals and surgeons to expedite delivery of technically advanced products to the marketplace.
  • Zen Bioscience Consulting - Created to assist clients requiring project evaluation and technical due diligence.

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