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  • A Common Bond - San Francisco Chapter - Support group for gay and lesbian former Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • Ageless Love - Online community providing age-gap relationship support.
  • AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services - Offers peer grief support network for those who have survived or lost loved ones in an air disaster.
  • All Things British - Various services for British expatriates.
  • Caulders Trucker Partners - Truck driver families/partners/spouse support site. Chat, games, bill help, email.
  • Christian Recovery International - The NACR is dedicated to helping Christians recover from abuse, addiction and trauma.
  • Christians in Recovery - Comprehensive resource for people recovering from abuse, family dysfunction, relationships, and pornography.
  • Dr. Koop's Interactive Community - Share with others through scheduled chats, message boards, and on-line live events.
  • Dual Diagnosis - Email support group for persons diagnosed with alcoholism / addictions and bipolar / deppression / anxiety etc.
  • Emotional Support on the Internet - Listing of online support groups.
  • Father Leo Online - Chatroom, message boards, and articles.
  • Forgiveness Web - Forgiveness in addiction and recovery; has message board, links to related articles and sites.
  • Fostered Abandoned Children Together - Information and materials for former foster children to form and conduct their own meetings.
  • Guild of Catholic Doctors - Offering support and advice on medical moral and ethical problems from a Catholic perspective.
  • Healing Resources - A guide to healing resources, links and information.
  • HESHE Anonymous - Recovery from all forms of addiction and addictive behaviors, dependency and co-dependency.
  • If You Had Controlling Parents - Dedicated to education about and prevention of unhealthy parental control.
  • Learning Disabled Kids Support (India) - Library of information, chat and message boards for kids, and where help can be found in India.
  • Lifeline IWM - A non-profit provider of support and counselling services to the community.
  • MHN's Community - Mental Health Net's online support groups for mental health, parenting, and relationship issues.
  • National Federation of the Blind (NFB) - To help blind persons achieve self-confidence and self-respect and to act as a vehicle for collective self-expression by the blind.
  • Officium - Support and advice for people affected by violent crime both on the site and in a handbook.
  • Open Hearts Ministry - Support group for abused people which uses Christian approach to healing. Includes seminars, resources, local chapters and newsletter.
  • Orphaned Children Now Adults - A place to share feelings of loneliness without knowing ones own biological family.
  • Peer Support Online - Articles, newsletters, and related links.
  • Recovery Web - Recovery from addictions and alcoholism, sexual abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, codependency and abusive relationships.
  • Recovery With Father Leo Booth - Help for your self-esteem and enlightenment to pave the recovery road to empowerment, includes forums.
  • Self-Help Sourcebook - A searchable index of mental health and medical support groups.
  • Shattered Men - For physically and emotionally abused men; explore this together from a Biblical point of view.
  • Silent Tears - A support and referral group provides aid and assistance to all victims of domestic abuse.
  • SOS Self-Help Programs - Helps individuals to manage anxiety, anger, depression, and emotions by using cognitive therapy.
  • - Allows people with health, personal, and relationship issues.
  • Survivors Of Spiritual Abuse - Poems, art, prose, self help, lists related links, web rings.
  • Survivors of the System: Foster Children United - Support for current and former foster children.
  • Terminal Wing-Ding Club, The - Supports aged and terminally ill members who wish to follow the example of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and others.
  • Transitions - Support, discussion, resources and help groups for behavior disorders including self esteem, obsessive compulsive, and anxiety panic attacks.

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