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  • Art of Thai Fighting Cock - Acrylic on canvas painting of "Thai Fighting Cock" known as "Kai Chon" presented by Art of Fighting Cock Gallery Inc.
  • Bullfight Ringside Photos - Witness a bullfight from ringside, including the events back stage, from this photo gallery.
  • Bullfighting in California - Includes history, list of bullrings, directions and information about the season, and chronicles.
  • Bullfighting in Spain - Explanation of bullfighting terms, FAQs, ticket purchases, sample posters, plazas and the bullfighters.
  • California Academy of Tauromaquia - School of instruction for toreo in San Diego, California. Provides overview, course description, photo gallery, news, and related links.
  • Carrion, Mario - Features biography, writings and insights into the world of bullfighting by a Peruvian matador. Also includes related links.
  • Crawford Gamefowl - Presents the stags.
  • Farrell, Kirk - Offers photos of the "American Matador de Novillos Toros" during performances in the bullrings of Mexico and during bullfights in Novilladas and Festivals.
  • Gamecock Journal - Provides tips on raising and incubating chickens, a glossary of terms, and pictures.
  • Jose Miguel Arroyo "Joselito" - Contains biographical information about the bullfighter. Also contains related links, professional background, past season summaries, news items, and articles.
  • Manolete: Myth and Legend - Story of the death of Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez, known as Manolete, with links to related articles and bullfighting photography.
  • Matadors - Dedicated to the memory of some of the great bullfighting matadors of the past, including Joselito, Juan Belmonte, Manolete, El Cordobes and Romero.
  • Mundo Taurino - Directory of bullfighting sites, as well as off line sources of information.
  • Plaza de Toros Nuevo Laredo - Bullfighting arena in Mexico. Includes calendar of events, history, ticket information, directions, and contact information.
  • Sabong - Cockfighting reports from cock pits all over the world.
  • Tauromaquia - Art of Bullfighting - General information about bullfighting including essays, books and works of art. Also provides related links.
  • Women Bullfighters or Mujeres Toreras - A message forum with pictures, a calendar of events, chat room, and related links.

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