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  • AltSex - Links and articles on a variety of alternative sexual practices.
  • Ancient Egyptian Sexuality - An overview of sex and society in ancient Egypt.
  • Extended Massive Orgasm - Details about Dr's. Vera and Steve Bodansky who teach courses in sensuality and relationships. Includes upcoming courses, services offered and contact details.
  • It's Your Call - Making Sexual Decisions - Interactive webpages that are intended to help you make decisions about what's right for you in terms of experiencing and expressing your sexuality for both men and women, of any sexual preference.
  • Origins and Nature of Differences Between Female and Male Sexuality - This excerpt form the book How We Got to Be Human examines the difference in the nature of male and female lustful desires and ideas about sex.
  • Personal Sexual Health - Offers question and answers for men and women with concern about their sex life.
  • Sex About - Dealing with issues about sex, sexuality, and sexology with articles, links, and online fora.
  • Sex Scrolls - Humor, articles, links and information on the history of sex and sexuality through the ages.
  • Sexscape - Frankly addresses sex questions and concerns.
  • Sexual Morality FAQ - A discussion of traditional sexual morality with links to relevant resources on the web and elsewhere.
  • Sexual Wholeness, Inc. - A multifaceted, nonprofit organization that promotes sexual integrity, a positive masculinity and feminity, and passionate intimate relationships through workshops, books, articles, retreats and training.
  • Sexuality & Support Chat - SSC invites teens and adults to join the chat community regarding issues surrounding human sexuality. Offers a friendly and informative place in live chat and message boards.
  • Sexuality and the Birth Chart - A research project and survey seeking to determine the relationship between sexual orientation and astrology.
  • The Offspring of Aeolus - On the Incest Taboo - The cultural and psychodynamic context of incest.
  • The Sex Gazette - An online general sex magazine offering articles and features on sex tips, relationships, health issues, dating, and horoscope services.
  • The Sexual Intimacy Room - Articles, message boards, the Monogamous Lover test, and links on sexuality.
  • Vulva University - Online classes on sex education through the eyes of women, open to everyone, but focusing on sexual issues related to women.

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