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  • 17th World Congress of Soil Science - Venue : 14-21.8.2002 in Bangkok, Thailand. Details of registration, conference events and online paper submission.
  • A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey Information - Extensive collection of on-line information on soil survey activities, institutions, datasets, research, and teaching materials world-wide.
  • Bureau of Soils and Water Management - Philippine national agency on agricultural land and water resources assessment, conservation, and management. Has details about soil classification, soil maps and a soil museum.
  • Expert-N - A development system for nitrogen turnover models to simulate the N cycle in arable agriculture. The system consists of modular model components for soil water flow, for soil heat and N transport and for crop growth. Available for download.
  • IACR-Rothamsted - formerly known as Rothamsted Experimental Station. The main site of the Institute of Arable Crops Research. It is the largest agricultural research centre in the United Kingdom and almost certainly the oldest agricultural research station in the world.
  • Institute of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science - Research on physico-chemistry and biology of agricultural soils, metabolism and nutrition of crops, management of agricultural soils and nutrient balance. Braunschweig, Germany.
  • Integrated Crop Management - Detailed, research-based articles for better management decisions produced weekly from spring to fall by Iowa State University's Entomology Department.
  • International Soil Reference and Information Centre - Documentation, research and training about soils with emphasis on developing countries. Products and services available are datasets, documents, maps and computer programs.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service, NRCS - Formerly the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. NCRS program areas include soil survey, conservation assistance, farmland protection, grazing lands conservation, and watershed protection.
  • Project Soil - An educational program designed to teach the importance of soil, types of soil, erosion processes, and soil conservation principles. Description of kits and teacher material available.
  • Soil - Educative information about what soil is, how it is formed and how it is lost. Focus on soil conservation and soil ecology.
  • Soil and Crop Management - From Penn State. Includes chapters on soil management and fertility. Availebel in HTML of PDF form.
  • Soil and Water Science Program - Research and extension activities in soil fertility and water management, with the objective of increasing nutrient use efficiency while minimizing the impact to the environment.
  • Soil and Water Web - Internet links and current news on all aspects of soil and hydrologic sciences.
  • Soil Biological Communties - Educational site describing soil and the life forms in it. basic introduction to the soil making process. Special pages for Kids.
  • Soil Management - Indian Agricultural Resources Portal for indian farmers & indian experts in soil management.
  • Soil Science Education - Aims to foster awareness about soil and its importance to life. With practical and illustrated soil science activities for school children.
  • Soil Science Links - From Adelaide, Australia.
  • Soil-teaching and tutorial websites - A extensive list of links.
  • Soils and Composting - Basic information on building compost and worm bins, and soil improvement.
  • Soils and their conservation - Educational site about soil, soil processes and a soil zoo.
  • Soils Education and Research - at Missippi State University. Introduction to fundamental properties of soils, soil fertility and fertilization, as well as soil management and conservation.
  • Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel - Papers on soils of arid regions, how they develop, and how they are classified, with copies in Hebrew. In addition, there is a book chapter on managing soils for sustainable land use and a glossary of terms. Links to other sites with soils information.
  • Soils Online - Resource list of soil websites
  • Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost - Scientifically based laboratory manual that addresses all major composting parameters, from air capacity to pathogens to zinc. Includes test methods and sample preparation protocols for the analysis of all compost types, including MSW, yard waste, and biosolids composts.
  • The National Soil Tilth Laboratory - USDA organization with mission to develop, evaluate, and promote management practices that enhance surface and ground water quality while conserving soil and water resources. Site has software, selected publications, staff directory, and information on current research.
  • The World Of Soil Forum - Online discussion of soil related issues. Topics range from amateur to specialist.
  • The Worldwide Soil Jumpstation - Resources on soil, soil science, and soil management. Huge list of links. Intended for agriculture and horticulture.
  • Understanding the Soil Processes - Describes the biological and chemical processes of soil formation in simple terms.
  • Warren County (Ohio) Soil & Water Conservation District - Government agency dedicated to the conservation of soil and water resources. Website contains useful information on conservation techniques for farmland and rural and suburban communities.
  • Weeds as Indicators Of Soil Conditions - Weed populations change in response to agricultural practices. The influence of weeds on soils and their use as indicators is described. Many tables and literature for further research.
  • World Data Center for Soils - Is responsible for collecting, archiving, and distributing data and research information. Data available: Soil monoliths with field and soil analytical data in digital format; a world pedon database for global environmental research; a GIS-referenced soil and terrain database for selected countries and continents; maps, slides, reports.
  • World Soil Resources - The site provides maps, pictures, and technical information on global soil resources.
  • WWW Virtual Library - Soils and substrates - Probably the most comprehensive resource

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