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  • Buying Prescription Drugs in Mexico - Offers the pros and cons and further considerations including bringing the medications back through customs.
  • Actual Problems of Creation of New Medicinal Preparations of Natural Origin - 5th international congress. June 28-30, 2001. St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • AlternaCare Inc. - Home infusion pharmacy service located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Offers information about the staff and services offered.
  • Argus Health Systems, Inc. - Provides pharmacy information technology, value-added administration, and claims processing. Learn about Argus, its products, services, and career information.
  • Ask Your Pharmacist Website - Information on the pharmacist's role; how to use, store and dispose of medicines; regular news features, NPA advertising; careers information; kids' section; list of local pharmacies. The National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA).
  • Assorted ACPE Acredited Pharmacy CE - Comprehensive database of free online ACPE-accredited Pharmacy Continuing Education(CE); database contains more than 10 years worth of free ACPE credits; fee CE's also included.
  • Baker APS - Pharmacy automation products, from pill counting to robotic systems and from design services to pharmacy workflow software.
  • Brookcare Pharmacy Services - Provides over the counter and prescription drug pharmacy services to Assisted Living residences, Alzheimers Care residences and skilled nursing facilities.
  • Center for Pharmacy - Includes clinical and reimbursement guidelines, administration, pharmacoeconomic models, antiemetic guidelines, and resources available to clinical pharmacists, physicians and nurses.
  • Comprehensive Pharmacy Services - The Nations Leading Pharmacy Management Company. Since 1971 Comprehensive Pharmacy Services has provided our clients the highest level of pharmacy services throughout the continuum of the overall healthcare system.
  • Dr. Ahmed Elgarhi - Egyptian pharmacist offers data on drug interaction , precautions in pregnancy and pharmacy education in U.S.A.
  • Drug Store News - Information about the drug store industry, trends, news articles, links.
  • - The Internet source for healthcare information. Provides both information and links to areas on the web concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics. This free service is brought to you to improve your education as consumers and healthcare professionals.
  • Drugstore Automation - Forget about medication handling. Robots are more efficient, quicker and cost much less. Apoteka will help you make your drugstore a profitable one
  • Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs - A to Z listing of all the drugs that are available to certain qualified groups for free or at very low cost directly from the manufacturer. Over 75 programs and 1,100 drugs are listed.
  • - A community with discussion forums that focus on future prescription drugs in the pipelines for various diseases.
  • Health Central: People's Pharmacy - Provides drug and health information to consumers. Articles, drug and herb libraries, home remedies, in-depth guides, answers to frequently asked questions, and summaries of radio programs.
  • How to buy Prescription Drugs without an Rx - Prescription medications from countries such as England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Mexico, without a Prescription. These drugs are available and it's legal for you to import them today.
  • - The leading pharmaceutical resource on the Internet - healthcare industries; news, views, jobs, directories of agencies, professional organisations and freelancers, along with thousands of links out into the Internet.
  • Integrated Design Resources, Inc. - Hospital pharmacy design, including complete project management services. The company designed over 250 hospital pharmacies, including pharmacies for acute care, long-term care, rehab, and psychiatric facilities.
  • Irish Pharmacy Pages - News and views about Irish Pharmacy with particular interest to community pharmacists.
  • Johnston Rorke - Pharmacy Services - Accountant specialising in Pharmacy Advice. Over 150 pharmacy clients.
  • Maxor - Maxor is committed to the cost-effective delivery of quality products and services through our pharmacy benefit management, specialty injectables, and other services.
  • Meditec Pty., Ltd. - Delivering automation products to pharmacists around the world.
  • Mypharmacy - Health Advice - A UK pharmacist shares his knowledge and experience on keeping healthy, and what to do when you are not so well.
  • National Co-op Pharmacy Branches - Health advice and NCC store locator.
  • Numark Pharmacists - Advice about diseases and conditions, herbal remedies and homeopathy. Ask the pharmacist a question, shop online or just find your local Numark Pharmacist.
  • Paramount Data, LLC - Software for pharmacists involved with extemporaneous pharmaceutical compounding (CompoundIt(r)) and other clinical pharmacy related software.
  • Paul Hsiao, PharmD's Clinical Pharmacy Center - Offers pharmacy/medical related news.
  • - Offers healthcare information tailored to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physicians assistants and consumers.
  • Pharm Vision - Providing quality pharmacy and health information to empower consumers to make better informed healthcare decisions.
  • PharmaCE - Pharmacist & Technician Continuing Education - ACPE-approved continuing education from the publisher of The Annals of Pharmacotherapy and the Journal of Pharmacy Technology.
  • Pharmaceutical Knowledge Network - Web based question and answer service for pharm community with industrial Sops, Validation protocols and e-mail and Chatting facility.
  • Pharmaceutical Strategies and Integrated Care Group - Pharmacy consulting group to medicaid, managed care, and corrections.
  • Pharmacist's Guide to Drug and Medical Information on the Internet - Clinical Pharmacist's web page containing links to helpful and informative drug and medical information sites. Drug databases are available.
  • PharmacoEthics - Dedicated to the exploration of ethical issues related to the development, promotion, sales, prescription, and use of pharmaceuticals. Includes articles, news stories, organizations and links.
  • Pharmacon TPN and Infusion - Provides home intravenous therapy to patients throughout the United States. Offers details about the services and contact.
  • Pharmacy Business and Practice - Annual Publication by the National Pharmaceutical Association 2000: reporting on the developments in pharmacy business and practice.
  • Pharmacy Choice - Provides online pharmacy news, continuing education, career services, drug resources and pharmacy business solutions for today's pharmacists and pharmacy related industries.
  • Pharmacy Compounding Customizes Prescription Drugs - FDA Consumer magazine feature article on pharmacy compounding laws.
  • Pharmacy OneSource - The "one" source for information and resources for the pharmacy profession.
  • Pharmacy Reference Guide for Your Exam - The easy to read pharmacy reference guide of pharmacology for the exam.
  • Pharmacy Supplies - Discount pharmacy supplier of labels bags, vials, toner cartridges and medication carts.
  • - Provides customized pharmacy management services to hospitals and health care systems including staffing, clinical programs, regulatory compliance and inventory control.
  • PharmCatalyst - For retail pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students needing information on pharmacists continuing education, technician CE, jobs, drugs, herbs and diseases.
  • - Since 1954, Pharmex has worked with pharmacies to develop products and services designed to improve efficiency and enhance pharmacy operations. Products include pharmacy opening kits, prescription laser and thermal forms, warning labels, fonts, and other pharmacy and business supplies.
  • Pharmnet - A comprehensive information and communications channel for the pharmaceutical profession in South Africa. It provides access to accurate and up-to-date pharmaceutical and related information to all users and easy communication with their colleagues, other healthcare workers and the public.
  • PharmSYST - Pharmacy with an Engineering Focus - Designed to blend the professions of pharmacy and industrial engineering and explore the possibilities of pharmacy informatics.
  • Physician Only Requests for Patient Samples - Physician only requests are accepted for patient starter samples of pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, supplements, patient education materials and many other items used in medical offices.
  • Physician's Pharmilink - A one-stop resource for ordering free pharmaceutical samples from leading manufacturers - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exclusively for physicians.
  • Prodigy Data Systems, Inc. - Specializing in pharmacy management software.
  • Proxymed Pharmacies Solutions and Services - Online service that allows pharmacy staff to process physician prescriptions and refill requests, check formularies and drug interactions, and file claims for reimbursement.
  • Refill Service - is a service of American Drug Stores in order to provide a convenient, safe and reliable way to refill a prescription.
  • Ruben's Pharmacy - Pharmaceutical links continuing education sites, drug information sites, nuclear pharmacy sites and employment opportunities.
  • Rx Tech School - Offers review courses and manuals for pharmacy technicians who need to pass the PTCB exam.
  • RX Web Portal - Complete information portal covering all issues related to pharmacy, including associations, pharmacy practices, regulatory, news, clinical research, information technology and managed care.
  • Rx30 Pharmacy Management Systems - Pharmacy software available on the medical market.
  • RxAmerica - A leading Pharmacy Benefits Management provider, offering proven solutions and tools to improve the health of your members while reducing overall benefits cost. Includes FAQs, news, careers and contact details.
  • - Find drug information, patient profile review, a pharmacy newsletter, pharmacy consulting, and other pharmacy links. Staffed and run entirely by Registered Pharmacists.
  • RxDesktop - Includes metric to standard conversions, common medical abbreviations, and a rebate program. Presented by Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc.
  • RXinsider - Free pharmacy training programs, pharmacy news, Spanish for pharmacists, career opportunities, CE's, industry stocks and more.
  • RxPolicy - Shares public policy information concerning the affordability of and access to prescription medicines. Includes legislation and issues, studies and reports, links and a search.
  • - Provides medical information delivery services for doctors, pharmacies, patients, and healthcare organizations free of charge.
  • RxSystems, Inc. - Established in 1979 by Richard Jensen, is a privately-owned company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmacy-related products.
  • Synthetica - Located in Oslo and is an efficient, flexible, and independent synthesis laboratory. Broad experience in the synthesis of organic compounds of wide structural variety.
  • The Hospital Pharmacist Journal - Full text of Hospital Pharmacist plus jobs in hospital pharmacy.
  • The Journal of Pharmacy Technology - For both pharmacists and technicians, jPT provides valuable information for those interested in the entire body of pharmacy practice.
  • The Pharmaceutical Care Network - RPhLink consulting systems for pharmacy, pharmacy jobs, drug search.
  • The PharmaChannel - Web-based information services designed to inform and connect the Canadian Pharmacy community, and anyone with an interest and role in this important sector of the healthcare industry.
  • The Pharmacy Student's Guide to Life - A place for students to get guidance and support.
  • The Smithkline Beecham Executive Management Program for Pharmacy Leaders Learning Community - SmithKline Beecham, the American Pharmaceutical Association and the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, in affiliation with the Wharton School, have collaborated to offer a singular, comprehensive pharmacy management program for pharmacy leaders everywhere.
  • Triad Design & Equipment, Inc. - Designing, engineering and installing pharmacy and cleanroom environments for the acute care hospital and alternate site pharmacy in the domestic and international market.
  • US - Information for pharmacy consumers, patients, students, and pharmacists. Includes drug information, RX associations, and links.
  • Uspharmd - Information for pharmacy consumers, patients, students, and pharmacists. Includes drug information, RX associations and links.

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