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  • Agentase, LLC - Develops and implements biocatalysts used in such applications as pesticide remediation, water treatments, wound healing ointments, biosensors, and detoxification of nerve agents. Includes company overview and product list.
  • Amersham Bioprocess - Products and services include assays, DNA purification, proteomics, chromatography, imaging, protein analysis and enzymes. Includes news releases, searchable library and links.
  • Amgen - Delivers important, cost effective therapeutics based on cellular and molecular biology.
  • AMP-Lab - Provides marine natural products for drug discovery, a screening system for angiogenetic effectors, artificial media for cells and physiological characterization of recombinant enzymes and transgenic animals.
  • Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guides - ATCG is a searchable database and procurement application for scientific, chemical and laboratory products. Currently the product database contains nearly a million items from over 2500 industry suppliers.
  • Antigenics, Inc. - Specializes in cancer vaccines and treatments, infectious diseases, and autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Includes information about ongoing and completed clinical trials.
  • Aquasearch, Inc. - A marine biotechnology company for the discovery and commercialization of new medicines, food supplements, and natural animal feed additives. Products include high quality astaxanthin produced using patented photobioreactor technology.
  • Artesian Therapeutics, Inc. Home Page - A privately held drug discovery company developing new treatments for cardiovascular disease. Site includes brief company description and careers pages.
  • Australian Phytochemicals, Ltd. - APL is a company with experience and facilities in the isolation and identification of plant natural products and screening of these compounds for biological activity. Devices used are analytical and prep HPLC, LC-MS and LC-NMR equipment.
  • Australian Tropical Plants - Information about Australian tropical rainforest plants, available on CD rom.
  • Battelle Medical Products. - Develops polymers, sterile disposable products, pulmonary delivery systems, 3-D CAD imaging programs, and reagent strip analyzers. Includes company and product information, conferences and publications.
  • Benitec: Gene Silencing through RNAi - Company offers gene silencing platform technology. Site includes description of RNA interference, resources page and details of commercial licensing opportunities.
  • Bio Matera, Inc. - Uses bacteria and agricultural products to produce biopolymers. Applications are for medical devices, anti-aging creams and food packaging. Explains the manufacturing process and advantageous properties of this type of polymer. Formally known as Novartem, Inc.
  • BioCatalytics, Inc. - Established to help companies identify opportunities for the application of enzymes, and then rapidly develop and implement enzyme-based processes.
  • BioCentury - A newsletter for biotech managers covering corporate strategy and management questions.
  • Biocon, Ltd. - Produces industrial enzymes used to enhance food products, animal feed, detergents, leather, paper, starches, and textiles. Also, used for facilitating of creation of some health treatments. Includes product descriptions. Located in India.
  • - Biology clip art and presentation templates.
  • Biogemma - Specializing in the development of new tools contributing to the improvement of the agronomic performance and end use quality of field crops.
  • Biohidrica, BiotecnologĂ­as del Agua Ltda. - Based in Chile. Provides bio-assays for evaluation of water quality and services for treatment and control of water pollution.
  • Biological Browser - Subscription-based company research and business information tool for professionals in the biological product industry.
  • Biologics Process Development, Inc. - Provides laboratory services in cell culture and protein purification and process development and scale-up.
  • BioOnline - A comprehensive site for information and services related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Biopoly - Online investment advice on European and US biotechnology stocks. Subscription to print edition required for full access.
  • Bioportfolio - Information, networking, and promotion for the biosciences, life sciences, and biotechnology industries - based in Cambridge, UK.
  • Biopract GmbH - Microbial preparations, soil remediation and water depollution.
  • BioProtein Technologies - Produces recombinant proteins in the milk of transgenic rabbits including monoclonal antibodies, hormones and vaccinating antigens
  • BioSeek Inc. - Develops high throughput biological systems for the validation and development of novel human therapeutics.
  • BioTactics Reference Web - Tips, techniques, and links for marketing and business development professionals in Biotech and related markets, plus career management and networking tools.
  • BioTech Navigator Investment Newsletter - Monthly newsletter providing analysis, interpretation, news, and commentary relating to biotechnology industry developments for investing in biotechnology and/or medical stocks.
  • - Specializing in genomics and biotechnology research with particular experience in microarrays and instrumentation for high throughput molecular biology.
  • Cansera International Inc. - Manufactures sterile animal sera, fetal bovine serum, and cell culture products. Site includes details of products, services and laboratory facilities.
  • Ceapro, Inc. - The company utilizes core technologies for the separation and formulation of natural extracts to benefit human and animal health.
  • Celera Genomics Group - Mapped the human genome and develop new drugs based on their research. Features a range of corporate data, investor information, news, and career opportunities.
  • Charles River Endotoxin Testing Services - Manufactures Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL), an in-vitro test used in the pharmaceutical, parenteral, medical devices, and veterinary medicine industries for the detection of bacterial endotoxins.
  • Chiron Corporation - Participates in therapeutics, blood testing and vaccines. Conducts research and development in the fields of recombinant technology, gene therapy, vaccines, small molecule discovery, and genomics.
  • Chronix Biomedical - Identifies sentinel nucleic acid expression profiles for use in developing assays associated with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of chronic diseases and catastrophic illnesses. Includes company history, staff and a list of current research projects.
  • Confirmant - Analyzes the amino acid sequence of proteins to determine the presence of genes. Site includes product and science descriptions together with news and career pages.
  • CuraGen Corporation - Simplifying in order to accelerate genomics based product discovery and development. Has created technologies to better understand the role of genes in improving human health, animal health and agricultural vitality.
  • Cytos Biotechnology AG - Creates new technologies and products for broad markets by innovations in the biomedical sciences.
  • Delta Biotechnology - Supplies Recombumin (Recombinant Human Albumin), albumin fusion proteins, high-yield yeast expression systems and protein purification.
  • Digital Gene Technologies, Inc. - Combines patented genomics technology with advanced bioinformatics to identify and determine anatomical distribution and expression patterns of the genes contained in any cell or tissue sample.
  • Drug Discovery Online - Informative synopsis of news, product updates, discussion forums, and online chat regarding manufacturing, technology, equipment, and supplies for professionals in the Drug Discovery and Development Industry.
  • Enchira Biotechnology Corporation - Applying proprietary directed evolution methods for improved gene and protein products for pharmaceutical, agricultural product, and industrial enzyme applications.
  • Enzymatic Deinking Technologies, LLC (EDT) - Focused on commercializing enzyme-based and other new technologies for the pulp and paper industry.
  • Enzymotec - AMIET technological platform offers an alternative to more costly and environmentally unfriendly chemical and organic synthesis. Also, enables the use of enzymes in hydrophobic environments and protects the enzymes so as to maintain their innate 3-D structure.
  • Facts Online - Hot technology company listings.
  • Genaissance Pharmaceuticals, Inc - Applies genomics and informatics technologies to improve drug development, pharmaceutical marketing and prescription medication. Looking for collections of differences in genes, known as haplotypes.
  • Genomics One Corporation - Focuses on the development of technology platforms for genomic manipulations and gene discovery. Based in Canada.
  • Genzyme Australia - Uses a wide range of technologies to provide many human health care products and services.
  • Genzyme Transgenics Corporation - Produces recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies for pharmaceutical use in the milk of transgenic animals.
  • Innovative Research, Inc. - Provides researchers worldwide with high quality human and animal plasma for research use.
  • Integrin Advanced Biosystems - Marine biotechnology company focused on three areas: research, technology transfer and scientific services.
  • International Biotechnology Trust (IBT) - The UK's first approved investment trust dedicated to the biotechnology sector. It offers investors the means to invest in a carefully selected and diversified portfolio of biotechnology companies. As part of its investment policy, IBT provides strategic and scientific support to the companies in which it invests.
  • Knowledge Express Data Systems - Online information service for professionals in the bio-pharma and high-tech arenas.
  • LifeSensors Inc. - Cell Based Biosensors - Utilizes innovations in human gene transcription technology to develop advanced ultrasensitive, high-throughput, cell-based biosensors.
  • Longenity Inc. - Researching factors affecting longevity and therapies that prevent the detrimental effects associated with aging.
  • Lorantis, Ltd. - Researching the mechanisms of immunosuppression and tolerance, to develop new medicines for immunological and inflammatory diseases.
  • LumiCyte, Inc. - Provides biochips and information products.
  • MaxCyte - Develops targeted drugs and non-viral gene delivery systems. Also, specialized in enhanced oxygen to cells treatments.
  • Med Cell Biologics, Inc. - Natural, non-toxic, yet powerful immunotherapies for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease and hepatitis B and C.
  • MediChem Life Sciences, Inc. - Offers contract services in the fields of genomics, combinatorial chemistry and biopharmaceuticals. Lists company information and publications.
  • Meristem Therapeutics - Specializing in research and production of plant-derived recombinant therapeutic proteins.
  • Metkinen Oy - Specializes in methods of screening for productive mutants of fungal and bacterial producers (statins and antibiotics). Offers contractual strain development or improvement, fermentation and downstream processing technologies. Also, offers non-standard monomers, solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis and nucleoside analogues of medical potential.
  • Minnesota Biomedical Business Network - An interactive, one-stop location on global biotechnology activities. Identified and linked to the site over 11,000 companies.
  • Modex Therapeutics - Focuses on tissue repair, regeneration and replacement (T3R) of human tissues or organs. Based in Switzerland.
  • Monsanto Company - A large supplier of agricultural chemicals and biotechnology.
  • Morphotek, Inc. - Uses morphogenics to expedite the evolutions of organisms, such as plants and yeast, to obtain commercially useful output traits.
  • MWG Biotech - Products and services include molecular biology instruments, DNA sequencing, oligos, microarrays, and bioinformatics.
  • NeuroTargets: Uncovering the genetics of neuropathic pain - An innovative biopharmaceutical company developing novel treatments for chronic and inflammatory pain.
  • Nexgen - Develops and commercializes new recombinant proteins from transgenic plants.
  • Nexia Biotechnologies - Uses transgenetic goats milk to produce therapeutic proteins and biomaterials to treat serious diseases. Located in Canada.
  • Novartis - Created by the merger of Ciba and Sandoz. Has core businesses in healthcare, agribusiness and consumer health.
  • Novo Biotec, Inc. - Developing natural products for humans and domestic animals.
  • Novo Nordisk Biotech, Inc. - Emphasizes research in identifying and engineering new industrial enzymes as well as improving the manufacturing process for new and existing enzymes.
  • - Creates bio-industrial products by using enzymes for such things as waste water cleanup, house cleaners and lawn maintenance. Provides contact information.
  • Orchid BioSciences - Develops products and services designed to measure and use in pharmacogenetics and drug discovery.
  • OXO Chemie, The Macrophage Company - An international pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of therapeutics by changing macrophage-mediated immune responses to treat diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.
  • PCS Process Control Systems AG - Solution provider for the automation of biotechnological and pharmaceutical processes. Based in Switzerland.
  • Pepscan Systems - Focused on the use of the knowledge of molecular recognition.
  • Phage Biotech, Ltd. - Presents a valid biological solution to the chemical antibiotics crisis.
  • Phage-X - Develops and commercializes bacteriophages for the treatment of bacterial infectious diseases.
  • Phycotransgenics LLC - Specializes in the development of transgenic microalgae to be used for animal health, animal feed, bioremediation, environmental monitoring and biopesticides. Includes information about the company and contact information.
  • PinkCell Laboratories - An antibody developing company in the Netherlands, offering OEM products and antibody-developing services. Site includes details of products, services and positions vacant.
  • Plant Research International - Offer research services in plant genetics and reproduction, crop physiology, agrosystems, soil fertility, and the optimization of plant health.
  • PlantTec Biotechnologie GmbH - Transgenic plant design and testing.
  • PolyGenyx Inc. - Includes corporate profile, information about the technology used and how this can be applied. Features a slide presentation and links to press releases.
  • Precision Therapeutics, Inc. - Focusing on the interaction of cultivated tumor cells with chemotherapy and immunology-based drugs.
  • PrimeGen Biotech Corporation - Specializes in stem cell research The purpose is to rejuvenate tissues in the body by replacing them with undifferentiated germ cells. Lists news releases relating to the company and contact information.
  • Prionics AG - Focused on developing diagnostic tests for prion diseases, and other neurological disorders.
  • Procorde GmbH - Biotechnology research in heart disease.
  • Prolinx Inc. - Among the products offered are reagent kits and DNA resequencing devices. Includes product and technology descriptions, a forum, job listings and company news.
  • Prometic - Life Science, Inc. - Targets bioseparation and medical applications with its platform technologies, exploiting its proprietary synthetic ligands designed to effect very specific interactions with proteins.
  • ProtĂ©us - Discovers biomolecules for large global markets.
  • PTC Therapeutics - Focused on the discovery and commercialization of orally active small molecule therapeutics for human diseases.
  • Research Point Corporation - Online resource and information tools for the scientific and pharmaceutical communities.
  • Research Triangle Institute - RTI conducts health, medical, and pharmaceutical research, and offers innovative services encompassing drug discovery, development, and commercialization for worldwide clients in government, industry, academia, and public service.
  • RusGen - Offers services in the fields of molecular biology, endocrinology, physiology, immunology, cell biology, radiobiology and analysis tests of organic materials.
  • Scigenic - Specializes in the incubation of lab-scale technologies with real market potential to deliver true commercial success.
  • Semco Laboratories - Provides microbial cultures that address some environmental concerns.
  • SIGNALS Magazine - Online magazine for biotechnology, biomedical, and pharmaceutical industry analysis.
  • Sigris Research, Inc. - Utilizes biomagnetic mixing and bioseparation technology to isolate and extract genomic DNA, mRNA, and cell proteins.
  • Synergene Biotech GmbH - Offers DNA sequencing services for the life science community. Site includes details of services offered, current projects and company news.
  • The 3BS Project - Provides advice on creating and financing a biotechnology business and how to protect intellectual property.
  • The NetSci Pharmaceutical and Biotech YellowPages - A collection of general information of interest to scientists in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
  • The Southern California Biomedical Council - An industry association whose mission is to promote biomedical research and manufacturing in Southern California.
  • BioSpace - Up-to-date industry news, stock quotes, company information, job postings and industry resources for all publicly traded biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.
  • SciWeb Life Science Home Page - Resources for life science, biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical diagnostic information.

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