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  • Answers For Executives - Site addressing typical questions executives might have about speech recognition for offices and companies. Contains product reviews, installation guidelines, provocative analysis of the industry for people who would rather use voice technology instead of typing.
  • Conversay - Computational Computing Corp. sells application specific speech enabled products including voice responsive browsers, office messaging system, speech SDK's for mobile devices, telephony speech servers.
  • Digilog UK - Develops computerized lie detector systems that perform realtime diagnosis of vocal segments. Products include Truster - the world's first personal lie detector, and Trusterpro - a professional version that provides investigators, law enforcement agents and executives with reliable truth verification through multiple modes of operation.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking - Desktop and mobile dictation, telephony, vertical market add-ons and developers' tools. Brand and technology acquired by Lernout and Hauspie and recently (November 2001) sold to Scansoft.
  • Fourth Annual Telephony Voice User Interface Conference - Brings together leading managers, experts and investors in speech recognition and telephony, to explore the business opportunities created by telephone speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, and voice web technology. February 4-6 2002
  • Game Commander - Speaker independent (no training required) voice control software for Windows games replaces keystrokes with voice commands for popular games. Template files, patches, message boards, downloads, free trial version.
  • Grover Industries, Inc. - Provides command and control applications for internet and desktop contexts.
  • HAL Hits the Home - Voice recognition software (with product names HAL2000 etc.) for Windows 95/98 that supports air conditioning, telephony, infrared, Internet, X-10 and security - for use in home systems. Site gives audio examples of the interactions possible.
  • HAL2000 Distributor / UK - UK distributor of HAL2000 voice-activated home operating system.
  • Hand Held - Site sells a large-vocabulary continuous speech recognizer that runs on a PDA. Current offering (free beta download) is a voice enabled address book for Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win CE, Pocket PC.
  • IBM Software - Speech Recognition - Big Blue's ViaVoice offerings in the desktop continuous speech dictation arena. Competes with Dragon and Philips. Has mobile dictation and telephony products as well. Has continuous speech recognition for the Apple Macintosh and Linux. Free Linux SDK.
  • IMSI Software - IMSI Utilities Group licenses IBM ViaVoice technology to produce their own line of "VoiceDirect" dictation software.
  • Mobilethink - Danish startup specializing in developing mobile phone speech solutions that are integrated with Internet information systems.
  • MS Agent Characters and Software - Microsoft Agent based command and control uses voice to browse the web, receive email, schedule appointments and participate in chat groups.
  • Natural Language Recognition - Simplis, Inc, provides a Java based "natural language" speech recognition interface designed to simplify access to existing programs and web applications.
  • Open Source Speech Recognition System - Carnegie Mellon Sphinx project. Real-time continuous speech recognition system. Downloadable source.
  • PGPfone - Pretty Good Privacy internet phone allows encrypted talking over a network. MAC and PC versions available.
  • Philips Speech Processing - FreeSpeech 2000 is Philips' latest entry to the burgeoning continuous speech dictation market. Although the software does not quite have the human factors features of, say, Dragon, it does have multi-lingual recognition for UK English, French, German, Spanish, Italian. Includes an SDK for speech enabling custom applications.
  • Scansoft - Dragon Naturally Speaking - Acquired Lernout & Hauspie, Dragon Systems speech recognition and synthesis resources and products. Also known for digital imaging products.
  • Speak Freely for Windows - An Internet phone program for talking to someone PC-to-PC over a network, i.e., a voice chat program. No banner ads. No phone charges. Has encryption hooks, "answering machine," optional text chat, Unix/Linux versions. Also has facility to run a phonebook addressing server so that you can find out who else is on-line just like the "commercial" chat programs. Integrates with ICQ. Good voice quality. Very popular. Free software download includes C++ source code for those interested in tinkering.
  • Speech and Handwriting Recognition - Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. - designs, develops and distributes speech and handwriting recognition software products and technologies focusing on embedded software for cellular devices, mobile communicators, and PDAs.
  • Speech FX - An ongoing speech recognition project for the Apple Macintosh, currently concentrating on enhancing command and control.
  • Speech Recognition for In-car Use - Germany based B√∂hme Datentechnik deals in hands-free systems having echo and noise cancellation features.
  • Speech Recognition News and Studies - TMA Associates publishes Speech Recognition Update, an industry newsletter on the business, products, markets, and companies in speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speaker verification. The site contains headlines and recent news, as well as descriptions of TMA conferences and market studies in speech recognition.
  • Speech Recognition Resources - Broad collection of site links to speech recognition companies, services, products, magazines, trade shows, books, developer tools and online resources with a brief personal summary of each.
  • Speech Technology Center - Russian organization providing unusual variety of speech processing products and services for research and development, speech recognition, voice verification, speaker identification, noise reduction in speech signals, noise cancellation, forensic examination, audio analysis, logging and communication channel protection.
  • Speech Technology Magazine - Online edition of the magazine, plus information on an annual 'SpeechTEK' speech technology business exposition.
  • Talking Desktop - Speech recognition, text-to-speech software transforms your Windows computer into a conversational desktop companion. Provides dictation, web navigation, voice Email, web cams, on-line news, weather maps, stock ticker, X10 home automation, MP3 music player & 3D avatar, disabilities features. Project in progress.
  • Unix Speech Recognition - Special Synapse TAP Workstation translates speech into mouse events and keystrokes to control all environments - Unix, mainfame, Mac etc. with speech recognition.
  • Voice Applications, Inc. - Knowledgeable and un-hyped web site explaining business applications of speech and voice technology.
  • Voice Pilot - Software attaches speech to e-mail. Demo downloads.
  • Voice Solutions for Warehouse and Manufacturing Environments - Guardian Business Solutions, Inc. provides speech software for business applications including voice warehouse picking and inventory counting. Partnered with Syvox for warehouse applications; has own software for the manufacturing arena.

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