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  • All Experts - Auto repair experts answer questions.
  • All Data - Automotive repair information - recalls and technical service bulletins. Titles are free. (Can also go to NHTSA)
  • Alldata Vehicle Owner Channel - Several years of articles about solving car troubles of all types.
  • Ask us Automotive and Diesel - Automotive and Diesel repair and trouble shooting at your finger tips. Reasonable rates per question.
  • Auto Repair Advisors - ASE Certified Automobile Technicians provide advice on common car problems and individual consultations
  • Auto Repair Maintenance and Repair Tips - Wide variety of information regarding getting a vehicle fixed or keeping it from breaking down.
  • Auto Tune Car Clinics - Courses and clinics for emission testing.
  • Automobile Maintenance and Repair Tutorial - Designed to assist the do-it-yourselfer with performing automobile repairs and getting extended vehicle service life through preventive maintenance.
  • Automobile Troubleshooting Secrets - This site provides basic automobile troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Automotive 101 - Learn in detail about all of the major systems on motor vehicles.
  • Automotive ECU failure symptoms - Lists common automotive ECU failure symptoms and diagnostic checklists.
  • Automotive Learning On-line - Interactive and educational view of the automobile.
  • Automotive Repower Council - Explains the benefits of buying a rebuilt engine instead of a used engine or a new car. Includes a list of member shops offering rebuilt engines.
  • Automotive Torque Specifications - Provides torque specs and diagrams for vehicles sold in the US.
  • Autoshop Online - The United States' largest independent car and truck repair helpline. Through Autoshop Online you gain direct access to experts and information for solving automotive problems.
  • AutoTips - Various tips for car care and maintenance. Common repair items, what's under the hood, links to other automotive sites, and automotive engineering links.
  • Better Business Bureau - Tips for avoiding repairs, dealing with car repair shops, having your car towed, and avoiding scams.
  • Beyond the Basics: An Automotive Encyclopedia - Describes and explains 21 major automotive systems, and each system is broken into several subtopics.
  • BrakeInfo - Uses layman's terms to describe today's disc brake systems, how they work, how best to repair them, and how to find a service center.
  • Car Care Corner - Vehicle maintenance and repair tips. Includes a library of past updates.
  • Car Talk - Home of the funny and useful NPR one-hour call-in radio show of the same name which is broadcast every Saturday. Past shows are archived and can be heard via RealPlayer.
  • - Answers to posted questions and links to helpful auto resources.
  • Choosing the Right Repair Shop - No matter what you drive, when you go in for repairs or service, you want the job done right. The following advice should take much of the guesswork out of finding a good repair establishment.
  • Diesel Doctor - Offers searchable database of diesel mechanics.
  • Diesel Trivia - Check your diesel IQ with these questions.
  • Economechanix - A long-operating mechanic shop in Gainesville, Florida shares advice which, if taken, could save money and aggravation for many drivers.
  • Engine Maintenance - Illustrated guide on engine maintenance for those who are not knowledgeable on cars engines.
  • Engine Technologies Inc. - Online auto repair and engine troubleshooting service
  • Fred's Garage - This site helps the average person deal with common automotive repair problems and issues like purchasing a new or used car, maintaining it, finding a repair shop and dealing with your mechanic.
  • Granny's Speed Shop - Detailed specifications and instructions for swapping engines.
  • Handy Randy Car Repair Discussion - In conjunction with the Handy Randy TV Series, this site offers a general car repair discussion area.
  • Heavy Truck Repair - An ASE Master Technician Gets you the free help and answers that you need now.
  • - Automotive information resource for the female car owner and driver.
  • How Stuff Works: Anti Lock Brakes - Illustrated tutorial explains anti-lock brakes and all the various parts of the automobile brake system.
  • How to Find Your Way Under the Hood and Around the Car - Whether or not you pump your own gas, your car probably receives less attention than it should. Regular maintenance checks and simple service can greatly reduce the cost of car ownership.
  • How To Maintain A Car - Easy to follow, illustrated guide how to maintain a car, and how to prolong it's life.
  • How to Maintain Your Car - Illustrated advice on how to maintain your car, how to prolong its life, and how to save money on the repair. Personal site by a mechanic.
  • iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network - Professional automotive technicians from all over the world networking together to exchange technical knowledge and information with fellow members. This is currently the worlds largest network of professional automotive technicians.
  • iCARumba - Repair information for autos, cars and trucks. Links to garage shop facilities to make appointments.
  • Jim's Performance Automotive - Tips on tuning and maintaining vehicles, some very technically detailed, a suggested servicing schedule, advice on extended service plans and auto related links.
  • Jonko Online Auto Repair - Provides tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you keep your auto in top shape.
  • - Submit auto mechanic ratings and comments.
  • MisterFixit's Autorepair - A useful reference for information on repairing the family buggy. It contains humorous anecdotal stories about mysterious problems with all types of automotive systems and information you will need to talk savvy with your automobile mechanic.
  • Mitsubishi Service Departments - Members based service for sharing technical knowledge. Password required.
  • MorTec, Inc. - MorTec has "Engine Math For the Rest of Us" software for engine builders and racers, Chevy casting number lists, Holley carb information, notes on Chevy V-8 engines, parts for sale classified ads and automotive links.
  • Motor And Diagnosis - Information source for trouble shooting, repair and maintenance for various makes and models of motor cars.
  • Motorist Assurance Program - Standards for automotive repair. Find participating shops in your area.
  • NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Recall information and titles of automakers' technical service bulletins (repair tips)
  • Nutz and Boltz - Baltimore-area radio show (listen via realaudio) and newsletter which discuss vehicle maintenance, problems, behaviors and solutions.
  • NYCCDSM Trader - Provides a free forum for owners of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon and trade their cars and parts.
  • Professional Mechanics Online - If you have a car repair question, Professional Mechanics Online will answer it for free.
  • Taking the Scare Out of Auto Repair - The best way to avoid auto repair ripoffs is to be prepared. Knowing how your vehicle works and how to identify common car problems is a good beginning. It is also important to know how to select a good technician, the kinds of questions to ask, and your consumer rights.
  • The Art Of Automotive Repair - Vehicles today have become very sophisticated with many new features and capabilities. Fortunately, they are much more reliable than vehicles from the 1970s. That is great, but when something does go wrong, this complexity can make repairing and trouble-shooting problems very difficult.
  • The C.A.R. Show - The Consumer Automotive Repair show, a two-hour call-in Q&A show broadcast every Saturday morning which can be heard in many markets and over the internet via streaming audio.
  • The Low Emissions Mission - A free site for automotive emissions related information including interactive on-line visual inspection training, automotive tutorials on emissions control systems, emissions inspection cartoons, and a discussion forum for those interested in the emissions inspection trade.
  • The Service Advisor - Assisting customers with automotive service concerns.
  • The Virtual Garage - Webmaster writes: "I'll help you troubleshoot and repair your own car. Along the way you may even learn a bit about what makes it tick, might even make you smile."
  • Tire Industry Safety Council - Tire care and safety guide.
  • Tire Talk - Information on the different types of vehicle tires, how to "read" them, simple care information, and advice on how to replace them when they wear out.
  • Tuningzone - Technical advice, and news. Links to other resources.
  • Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance - In the repair guide you will have the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of your vehicle. If you want to fix it yourself, you'll find out how. If you need a pro, you will be told why.
  • Vehicle Troubleshooting Guide - Will help you pinpoint the symptoms your car is exhibiting and will suggest possible causes.
  • Women At The Wheel - Guide to understanding your car and communicating with your mechanic.

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