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  • 2000 Mid Year IT Salary Survey - draws on data collected throughout the year by extensive internet-based and completed survey forms sent to businesses in Southern California as well as throughout the United States and Canada.
  • 2001 MIS Faculty Offer Survey - Maintained by Dennis Galletta.
  • Agent-Oriented Information Systems (AOIS) - Agent-Orientation is emerging as a potentially powerful new paradigm in computing. The site features articles and information on international workshops.
  • AIS -- Association for Information Systems - is a professional organization whose purpose is to serve as the premier global organization for academicians specializing in Information Systems.
  • Auldenfire Group - Enterprise Systems Architecture Laboratory providing resources to organizations interested in applying architectural frameworks. Services offered include consulting, education, and curriculum development.
  • Business Forms Management Association - Forms central for the global forms and information systems community
  • CompInfo -- Enterprise Executive Information Systems - Knowledge bases plus current news, events, publications, manufacturer and support links.
  • Global Information Technology - a broad domain that is also known as "Global IT Management" and "International Information Systems".
  • IFIP -- International Federation for Information Processing - a non-governmental, non-profit umbrella organization for national societies working in the field of information processing.
  • Information Systems Ethics - Course homepage at MSU.
  • Inside Information Systems - A site by IS professionals, for IS professionals. Webzine format with discussion forums, technical articles and columns. Windows 2000, XML, networking and systems administration are primary focuses.
  • Integrated Information Systems and their impact on the work of managers - Discusses models of the impact of Information Systems on the work of managers. Links to case study material from eight companies.
  • IRMA -- Information Resources Management Association - A not-for-profit, vendor-independent, international professional organization dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information resources management in modern organizations.
  • IS Management Interviews - Audio files from Off the Record,
  • List Digest - postings of research summaries, teaching summaries, and job positions for the ISWorld mailing list have been assembled and reposted here as a service to the IS community.
  • MIS Bibliography of Information Systems Theory and Research - A compilation of more than two hundred information systems research, theory and practice articles and papers, many of them selected from a doctoral seminar readings of a major US MIS research program.
  • MISA -- Management Information Systems Association - University of Arizona.
  • Object Technology Curriculum Issues - Below are responses received with regard to the four original questions of the survey on current status and future directions of OO curricula in schools of business. By Dr. Richard A. Johnson.
  • Professional Ethics - to provide a forum for discussing issues concerning the practice of ethics in the Information Systems profession.
  • SIM -- The Society for Information Management - The international meeting place for IT executives around the world.
  • Social Issues of Computing - designed to serve as a single entry point into a set of resources dealing with social issues of computing.
  • Teach IS -- Global Informing Science Education - Supports the study of Education and Training for the Informing Sciences around the world and throughout organizations. Provides free on-line resources for those interested in advancing the interests of IS education.
  • The Information Management Forum: An International Association of I/T and Business Executives - an association of Information Technology and Businessexecutives. We provide information on how organizations are using information technology for strategic purposes and their experiences in planning and managing the implementation of information.
  • The Journal of Virtual Environments - Research articles, essays and comments about Virtual Environments.
  • Virtual Meeting Center - to use and evaluate online meeting technologies.
  • Virtual Organization - focuses on theoretical and empirical research related to Virtual Organizations, Virtual Teams, Network Organization and Electronic Commerce.
  • Workflow Modelling Patterns - These patterns can be used to examine the expressive power of a workflow server.

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