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  • AnthroGlobe Ethnic Studies Explorer - A directory of articles prepared by students for a course at Oxnard College.
  • Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal - An interdisciplinary journal devoted to the study of ethnicity, immigration, inter-group relations, and the history and cultural life of ethnic groups. Provides a publishing schedule, submission details for authors, and subscription information.
  • Cultural Pluralism in the U.S. - Books, research databases, and Internet sites for the study of the culture and history of ethnic groups in the United States provided by Bowling Green State University.
  • Diversity and Ethnic Studies: Websites and Guides - A directory created by Susan A. Vega GarcĂ­a of Iowa State University that provides links to African American, American Indian, Asian American, and U.S. Latino resources. Also offers a multicultural guide to library research.
  • Diversity Database - A directory sponsored by the University of Maryland that provides news and access to diversity-related syllabi from colleges and universities. Features a guide to specific uses of terms within the field of ethnic studies.
  • Ethnic Newswatch - Full text collection of newspapers, magazines, and journals from the ethnic, minority, and native press.
  • Ethnic Studies at USC - A virtual library of resources maintained by the Doheny Reference Center at the University of Southern California. Offers information on Internet and print sources, as well as a guide to campus resources for research.
  • Ethnic Studies Information Sources - A list for finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web.
  • Ethnicity, Racism and Media - A discussion forum hosted by St. Johns University.
  • Florida Atlantic University Libraries - Ethnic Studies - Compository of links to Internet resources related to the field of ethnic studies..
  • H-Ethnic: Ethnic and Immigration History - H-Net discussion group dedicated to the scholarly discussion of ethnic history, immigration and emigration studies. Features subject overview, archive, bibliographies, links to related resources, syllabi, and subscription information.
  • Minority Rights Group - An international organization that raises awareness of minority rights issues based on research, publication, and by providing information to the public. Features workshop reports, a newsletter, and contact information.
  • Multiculturalism and the Struggle for Ethnic Studies - Article describes the turbulent origins and history of Ethnic Studies. An essay written by Bob Wing and published in ColorLines Magazine summer 1999.
  • National Association for Ethnic Studies - Provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists concerned with ethnicity. Offers information about the organization, contact details, and links to related resources.
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities - Key findings from the National Survey of America's Families.
  • Resources in Area and Ethnic Studies - Links to Internet resources on ethnic studies and situations of specific ethnic groups worldwide.
  • The UCLA Ethnic Studies Publications Catalog - Lists publications in ethnic American studies.
  • University of Toronto Ethnic, Immigration, and Pluralism Studies - Interdisciplinary degree program. Features information for current and prospective students, as well as a calendar of lectures and related links.

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