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  • 110 North Latitude - Globes and a searchable index of maps of the world.
  • 1st Stop Travel Store - Sells world globes and luggage. Product images and descriptions.
  • 4 Corners Maps - Sells maps and globes, specializing in wall maps of the US, world, regions, states, counties and cities; zip codes and custom territories in the US; and desk and floor stand globes. Product descriptions and photos.
  • A World of Maps - Maps, globes, atlases, guide books, and zip code maps; also custom mapping and satellite images.
  • Actionmaps - Publishes street, tourist, and custom maps, primarily focused on areas in New York state. Product descriptions, sample images, and examples of custom work.
  • ADC Maps - Sells maps of Eastern USA. Online ordering is available.
  • Advantage Maps - Offers over 300 map titles covering the USA.
  • Amco Press - Publishes maps of Romania and Romanian cities, and sells both its own maps and those of other publishers. Map samples, advertising opportunities, and portfolio of personalized maps.
  • Aqua3 - Weatherproof maps in various scales. Ireland and the UK complete, Europe progressively added.
  • Arnold Map Service - Sells a wide range of maps and nautical charts, with a specialty in maps of the Pacific Northwest and local maps for Clark County, Washington. Product information and sample views of some types of maps.
  • ArtCarta International - Publisher of maps, combining cartographic information, and artistic craftsmanship. Covers Russia and California.
  • Australian Travel Maps - Specializes in travel maps of Australian cities, regions, and outback areas. Shipping available worldwide.
  • Barbara's View - Walking guides to American and European fashion cities, showing fashion stores, restaurants, and points of interest. Map list and background of Barbara Wexner Levy.
  • Benchmark Maps - Publishes a line of state road atlases that include landscape and physical features of the topography, along with road and recreation information. Product descriptions, media reviews, and company background.
  • Buddha-nature Maps and Books - Topo, trail, road, and recreation maps epsecially of Arizona and the west, world travel maps.
  • California Map and Travel Center - Maps, globes, atlases, books and travel accessories. Including topography maps and GPS systems.
  • Carol Mendel Maps - Publishes pictorial maps of major visitor destinations, focused on areas in the western United States. Map descriptions, sample images, and online versions of two of the maps.
  • Carolina Global Maps - Retailer of maps for the professional, recreational, and leisure markets, including atlases, topo maps, and globes. Product descriptions and photos.
  • CD Maps - Topographic maps for Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah on CD-ROM.
  • Cloud Cartographics, Inc. - Publisher sells plat books, Wisconsin atlas, and highway, wall, and specialty maps. Specializes in the Midwest. List of products and description of custom map services.
  • Coastal Cruise Tour Guides - Publishes travel map/guides on Alaska's Inside Passage, South Central Alaska and the Yukon, the Eastern Caribbean, and Western Mexico. Product photos, descriptions, and quantity discount schedule.
  • Commercial Survey Company - Producer and distributors of N.E. Ohio County map books including: Cuyahoga, Summit and Portage, Ashtabua, Lake and Geauga. Wall maps, globes and other map products.
  • Compass Maps - Publishes street and road maps covering the majority of California and Nevada, as well as sections of Washington, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii. Also sells maps of other publishers. Product descriptions and cover photos.
  • Concrete Publications - Sells maps and globes for the classroom, office, and home from a variety of publishers. Product photos and descriptions.
  • Coop's Maps - Specialty travel maps, including Breweries of the United States, Railroad and Railroad Museums of the US, and dinosaur sites and museums of North America.
  • DeLorme - Publishes maps and mapping software, including street atlases, topographic maps, satellite imagery, and GPS products. Company information and customer support, plus product photos, descriptions, and reviews.
  • Dog Ears - Maps and guides for outdoor pursuits in Canada, especially canoeing and kayaking.
  • Dolph Map Company - Publishes and sells state, county, city, waterways, zip code, hurricane tracking, and wall maps and atlases, specializing in the southeastern United States. Product descriptions and images.
  • Earth-Photo - Sells custom color aerial photographs for any location in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida. Information about products, formats, and overlays.
  • ELD, Inc. - Map publisher and retailer of Atlanta Region map books, wall maps, zip code and custom maps which cover 38 counties. Online service offers current street additions. Product information and samples.
  • eMapSite - Sells online digital map data. Users can search, browse, zoom, purchase, buy, print, download, and import maps, aerial photography, dem and satellite imagery interactively over the internet. Data is provided from leading map and image publishers.
  • Ephemera Press - Publishes pictorial maps of New York City neighborhoods, focused on historical and cultural themes. Product descriptions, sample images, press clips, and information about company personnel.
  • EWP Maps and Guides - Maps and guidebooks to the mountains of East Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  • Explore Maps - Publishes road, recreation, river, and aerial photo maps of West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. Product descriptions and sample images.
  • Federal Publications Inc. - Canadian topographic maps, road maps, atlases, wall maps and nautical charts on paper or CD-ROM.
  • Fraser Maps - Sells a tourist map of Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia, designed for campers and four-wheel-drive tours to Fraser Island. Description of types of information found on the map.
  • Fresh Tracks Map Store - Interactive topographic maps, printed maps and guides, and navigation instruments including GPS units and FRS radios. Mostly USA coverage.
  • Frog Map - Map publisher and wholesale distributor of state, city, and county maps that are laminated and foldable, as well as non-laminated pocket size and postcard maps. Product information and samples.
  • Galaxy of Maps - Sells a wide range of maps and related items.
  • Goldeneye - Publishes folding map guides and maps for walking, cycling and mountain biking in the United Kingdom. Product descriptions and images.
  • GoneTomorrow.Com - Specializes in maps of Central and South America.
  • GTR Mapping - Publishes topographical recreational maps, geologic highway maps, and national park maps for areas in Rocky Mountain states. Product descriptions, detailed images, and quantity discount schedule.
  • Guidepost - Sells maps and walking books. Maps include Ordnance Survey, Harvey, and laminated maps. Walking books come from a wide range of publishers. Product details and links to sites of British walking, motoring, and outdoor groups.
  • Hedberg Maps, Inc. - Publishes Professor Pathfinder series of maps focused on university communities, plus city, regional and specialty maps focused on Upper Midwest of USA. Product descriptions and company information.
  • Historic Urban Plans - Publishes reproductions of historically important and attractive world and regional maps, city plans, and birds-eye views exacted from original engravings, lithographs, and manuscript drawings. Product descriptions, images, and order form.
  • Hydrolink Map and Chart Shop - Sells topographic maps and hydrographic charts for New Zealand and the Pacific. Product information includes images, scales, and dates of publication and updates.
  • Identity Map Company - Publishes highly detailed poster maps of New York City, including Upper East and West Sides, Greenwich Village, Midtown, and Downtown. Products, customization services, and other cities available.
  • Info-Map for the Georgia Mountains - About the Info-Map, showing the locations of many area attractions, including waterfalls, hiking trails, and campgrounds.
  • International Map Agency (IMAPA) - Specializes in producing hand painted city maps combining traditional art and modern technique.
  • JIMAPCO - Publishes maps covering parts of New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. In addition, company sells maps of many publishers, including maps of areas worldwide on paper and CD-ROM, globes, compasses, mapping accessories, and books. Products, company history, and wholesale account information.
  • Jonathan Potter Limited - Sells antique maps and antique-style reproduction and modern globes. Cartographer biographies, featured maps, services, gallery photo, and collecting information.
  • Key Maps - Sells U.S. and world wall maps, regional maps, globes, and atlases, with a specialty of maps related to Texas. Product descriptions and images.
  • Kingfisher Maps, Inc. - Publishes maps for use in boating, fishing, and recreation on a variety of U.S. lakes. Also sells products of other publishers, including trail and hiking maps, ICW charts, and GPS units. Products, company history, and custom mapping services.
  • L. O. Thomas Maps, Inc. - Authorized independent distributor for Thomas Brothers products, including Thomas Guides, road atlases, CD-Rom guides, and wall maps. Product descriptions and images.
  • Land Info - Maps and GIS data for over 60 countries. Products for recreational and professional use.
  • Map Appeal, Inc. - Sells maps, globes, and images for the geography buff, world traveler, social sciences teacher, executive, and gift-giver. Specialty is high-definition satellite imagery in natural color.
  • Map Marketing - A wide range of maps of the world, continents and countries. Business aids include UK postcode maps as well as sales & marketing maps and other map related products.
  • Map Town - Specializing in Canada but carrying maps and travel guides for the world.
  • Map Works, Inc. - Publishes street and road maps covering the New York State and areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Canada. Products, company information, and customer service.
  • Map World - Retailers of maps and globes.
  • - Sells maps and travel books of the British Isles and the United Kingdom, including the brands Ordnance Survey, Harvey, Footprint, and National Cycle. Products and descriptions.
  • MapQuest - Maps of almost anywhere in the world for travel, recreation, and reference.
  • Maps Australia and World - Offers road maps, atlases and charts for Australia and world cities.
  • Maps Etc - Software, maps, guidebooks, globes, world atlases.
  • Maps Galore - Sells a large selection of atlases and road maps of the United States: national, state, county, city and regional maps.
  • Maps in Minutes - Sells computer editable worldwide political, satellite, and relief maps and globes for technical, graphic, and decorative design. Gallery, downloads, products, and instructions for use.
  • Maps of the Montana Gold Rush - Publishes maps of Montana gold rush sites and the Bozeman Trail in the 1860s. Detailed descriptions and images.
  • Maps on Air - All countries and all in editable format, structured by layers, updated information and free of rights.
  • Maps To Anywhere - City and country maps, globes, travel guides, languages, dictionaries and travel accessories. Order by email or phone.
  • Maps Worldwide - Specialist supplier of maps, travel guides, globes and satellite images for 200 countries. Shipped worldwide.
  • - Maps and guides for travellers.
  • MapsCd.Com - Digital maps of the world. Bilingual English and Spanish.
  • Mapsco, Inc. - Publisher and retailer of maps, globes, GPS units, and travel guides, with online sales plus 9 retail locations in Texas and Colorado. Products, services, retail store locations, and catalog request form.
  • - Sells maps and guides of Scotland, including historic, tourist, street, and satellite maps. Also sells atlases, charts, and books on Scottish history. Product images and descriptions.
  • MAPSource, Inc. - Publishes street atlases, wall maps, custom maps, and zip code maps, with a focus on southeastern United States. Also sells map-related products of other publishers. Product and company information.
  • Mapstore - Specializing in ordnance survey maps.
  • Maptech - Publishes digitized USGS maps in software and paper formats, including topographic, hiking, national park, and professional maps, as well as marine and aeronautical charts. Detailed product information, including GPS capabilities.
  • National Geographic Maps - Publishes reference, topographic, wall, travel, and recreation maps, plus globes, travel guides, and interactive map CD-ROMs. Complete line available, including product photographs, descriptions, and map scales.
  • Netstore USA Maps - The map and guide department of an online book store. Based in USA; will ship overseas.
  • Offroute, Inc. - Sells topographic maps, guidebooks, travel guides, how-to books, nature guides, and adventure narratives. Includes products and travel resources.
  • Omni Resources: Map - A wide collection of maps, flags and other geographical items.
  • One Treasure Limited - Publishes maps and prints of the Caribbean islands in an antique style based on current geographical information. Photos and information about maps and related products.
  • Ordnance Survey - Leisure Map Shop - Sells maps for walkers, cyclists, motorists, and tourists in Great Britain. Product information and images of maps.
  • Outstanding Maps - Road, tourist, and wall maps of the world; continents, countries, regions, towns and cities.
  • Pathfinder Maps - Sells Canadian topographic maps, aeronautical charts, nautical charts for Canada and the USA, globes, historical map reproductions, wall maps, street maps, and custom cartography. Product photographs and descriptions.
  • Planet Maps - Maps, globes, travel guides, boating charts, compasses, for Australia and the world.
  • Port Publishing Company - Publisher and seller of maps, charts, and posters.
  • Raven Maps & Images - Publishes large format full-color, shaded-relief, topographical wall maps. Series includes maps of the world, North America, the United States, and individual states. Includes explanation of process.
  • Sanderus Antiquariaat - Dealer in Belgium sells antiquarian maps of all parts of the world, from the 15th to the 18th century. Inventory, photos, and sales details.
  • Spin Maps - Publishes "Passenger Flight Map" series for use by airline travelers on major USA flight routes. Product list, samples, and information about custom mapping services.
  • Stanfords - Map and travel book store in the United Kingdom sells world-wide street, road, travel, walking, and wall maps. Includes newsletter and information about map scales.
  • Street Map Express - Sells popular brands of road and street maps for New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware at discount prices.
  • Streetwise Maps, Inc. - Publishes laminated, accordion-fold, indexed street maps of cities and regions. Also publishes maps focused on museums and cultural sites, and maps of transit systems. Products and company history.
  • Summit Geology & Consulting, LLC - Sells high-resolution satellite image wall maps and posters, including popular recreation areas of the mountain ranges and desert parks of North America. Images, descriptions, and geological research project services.
  • Tasmanian Map Centre - Sells local, Australian, and international maps and literature. Includes information about Tasmania, and photos of the shop and its owners.
  • Telemap - Sells Census 2000 tract, census block, and voting district maps, files, and data for the United States. Maps and files for GIS systems are available for instant download, or for shipment in CD or printed format.
  • The English Globe Company - Handmade antique style globes.
  • The Exploration Company - Wall maps
  • The Hagstrom Map Company - Up-to-date, accurate map and travel reference products to for the all of the states and Canada. Search function makes it easy to find specific map products.
  • The Hereford Map Centre - The European online map specialists. Cycling map, road maps, and walking maps.
  • The Map Centre - Sells national and international maps and guides, including United Kingdom street maps, post code maps, and Ordnance Survey maps. Details about products, including books and videos.
  • The Map Shop - Includes catalogues of stock, description of Ordnance Survey products and services, business and multimedia products, and ordering information. Based in the UK; ships worldwide.
  • The Map Shop - Offers maps, nautical charts, globes, travel guides, satellite imagery, flags, geography games, custom mapping, USGS maps, and related items. Products, services, and map facts.
  • The Map Store - Sell globes, GPS equipment, worldwide street guides, wall maps, NOAA charts, USGS topos, and mapping gifts and supplies. Online sales, plus information about retail store in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The Map Superstore - Retailer for ZIP code maps and data, business maps, wall maps, globes, and other maps. Product descriptions and photos.
  • The World History Chart - Seller of poster wall map of world history. Close-up image of chart and online store for purchasing.
  • Thomas Maps and Travel Guides - Authorized wholesaler of Thomas Brothers Maps, including laminated map books, road atlases, wall maps, and CD-Rom editions. Product information and customization options.
  • Tom Harrison Maps - Publishes full-color, shaded-relief topographic maps for hiking and mountain biking in parks, forests, and wilderness areas in California. Map descriptions, FAQ, and links to related state organizations.
  • Trailhead Graphics - Publishes detailed Civil War battlefield maps. Products, vignettes, list of features included, and profiles of the battles. Company also offers custom cartography for historical and recreational maps.
  • TravelGuideWarehouse - Offers travel guides and maps for destinations worldwide, including city, road, and recreation maps. Also offers globes, atlases, wall maps, and travel accessories.
  • Treasure Gem Globe - Sells lapis stone globes and world maps handcrafted with inlaid semi-precious gemstones. Product photographs, plus information about the stones and their country of origin.
  • Trident Map Services - Sells Ordnance Survey maps, street and road atlases, maps of Ireland, and educational products. Product information and specialist services.
  • Universal Publishing Company - Specializes in maps and atlases for central and western Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, and Cape Cod. Product information, company profile, town locator, and printable catalog.
  • Walker Map Studio - Creates unique, custom, hand-painted maps based on a client's trip or historical area of interest. Artist biography and samples of work.
  • Web Travel Services - Sells large wall maps of the world and of Europe. Product descriptions and images.
  • WensWood, Ltd. - Solid oak United States quarter maps with press-in pockets to hold the coins. Photos and company background.
  • Wide World of Maps - Sells maps, atlases, globes, books, gps units, and travel guides, including a specialty of products covering Arizona and the Southwest.
  • World Globes Superstore - Offers several styles of world globes, with high resolution photos and detailed product and buying information.
  • World History Maps - Offers historical maps, showing countries of the world for every year in recorded history.
  • World Maps - Ireland-based company sells wall maps designed for school, business, and personal use, in a variety of languages. Photos and descriptions.
  • XYZ Maps - City maps on cd-rom, aerial photographs, and GIS datasets are available. Coverage is of a few cities in the UK.
  • Zip Code Maps - Maps of every metro, county, and custom radius (USA).

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