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   Web Sites
  • Atlapedia Online - Contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  • Atlas of the Biosphere - A collection of maps, schematics, and information about human-environment interactions, directed at the education community.
  • Cornell's Digital Earth - Use this interactive atlas to create maps displaying land, oceans, borders, roads, lakes, rivers, roads, railroads, faults, mines, seismicity, and other geological, geographical, and geophysical data.
  • Excite Maps - Map a world address or get driving directions.
  • Expedia Maps - United States road maps by address, and driving directions and maps of the world.
  • Gheos World Guide - Maps, flags, anthems, currencies, and other statistics on the world's countries.
  • Graphic Maps - Has overview maps of each continent, and country-level maps.
  • Great Circle Calculator - A useful site for calculating direct line distances between any two points on the globe.
  • Green Map System - Chart the ecologically significant places in cities around the globe.
  • Map Machine - Access to political and physical maps and information for anywhere in the world by the National Geographic Society.
  • Mapblast - Map server with global coverage, including street maps of some countries. Yellow pages and web site links in USA. [Requires registration.]
  • Maps Planet - Free online maps and related geographical resources.
  • - Downloadable digital maps, paper maps, travel accessories and atlases.
  • Multimap - Maps of UK at 1/10000 including OS Landranger, other countries varying down to 1/200000.
  • National Geographic Map Machine - Dynamic maps in a variety of formats.
  • Quick Maps of the World - Small GIF maps of the countries of the world.
  • Rand McNally - Online maps, driving directions, and travel store.
  • Scale Finder - Converts representative fraction scales to linear scales and vice-versa.
  • TerraFly - Aerial photography of the United States, searchable by place name or geographic coordinates.
  • United Nations: Cartographic Section - General country and special issues maps.
  • World Atlas - A complete atlas of the world featuring several thousand place names and colorful, accurate maps.
  • World Atlas 2000 - A collection of online maps and geographical data.
  • Worldwide Country Maps - Map for all countries in the world.
  • MapQuest - Find directions for and explore towns and cities worldwide. Display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions and maps, and plan a trip with city information. Also includes aerial photographs of selected areas.

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