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  • @ease - Unique and interactive site. A journey of exploration of feelings and how to help put your mind at ease. Problems told through the eyes of characters on the site, offering helpful information.
  • A Thoughtful Moment - Positive and inspirational messages. Mental health resources on depression, relationships, stress, and grief issues.
  • allPsych - Virtual psychology classroom with topic synopses, disorders, dictionary, online tests, education and career information, news, and internet resources.
  • At Health - Covers mental health diseases and conditions. Newsletter, practitioner directory, treatment center directory, featured articles, and a bookstore.
  • BBC Mental Health - Aims to help people understand the range of mental health conditions, promote positive emotional health, and provide information and resources for getting help and treatment.
  • Campus Blues - Developed in cooperation with college and university counseling centers throughout the United States and Canada to improve student awareness of resources for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and loneliness.
  • Connects - Mental health and learning disabilities portal. A worldwide, interactive, personalised forum for the sharing of information by people whose lives are touched by mental health problems and/or learning disabilities. (requires registration)
  • - Free onsite manuals for coping with a variety of life's stressors including: variety of adult mental health issues and parenting especially dealing with children with disabilities.
  • Counseling Notes - Mental health information for everyday people in difficult situations. Information for familes, teens, and children on stress, communication, school, anxiety, parenting, divorce and other common problems.
  • Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine - Treatment of stress related disorders, depression, ADD/ADHD, alcoholism, and research facility.
  • First Person - Provides accounts, opinion, poetry and artwork by people who have mental health conditions.
  • Help Center - Information on many topics including family and relationships. Quality articles and a resource for finding psychologists. Resources for dealing with everyday problems. From the American Psychological Association.
  • InteliHealth - Mental Health - Diagnosis and treatment information, medical commentaries, and news on a wide range of mental health issues.
  • Mayo Clinic: Mental Health Center - Mental illness is the second leading cause of disability and early death in developed countries. Definitions of mental health conditions, current news and treatments.
  • Mental Health News - Mental health newspaper for consumers, families, clinicians, providers, and students with topics about mental illness, treatment options, and resources in the community.
  • Mental Health Recovery - Articles on recovery from the label of mental illness, self-help, rehabilitation information, and news about the recovery model.
  • Mental Health Resources - Mental health resources from all over the Net along with regular original features from
  • NorthEast Health Realization Institute NEHRI - Health Realization Model, an approach for prevention of problem behaviors through books, training, coaching. Three principles for parenting, mental health, education, and well-being from the inside-out.
  • Planet Psych - Offers information about disorders, treatments, self-help techniques, therapist directory, interactive quizzes, a bulletin board, and a chance to receive free answers from a therapist to your questions.
  • Psybersquare - Using hosted chat, interactive exercises, motivational informative articles, and Ask the Expert Boards, Psybersquare helps with everyday problems at work and home.
  • Psyc Port - News about psychology and mental health.
  • PsychoConsult - Information resource in clinical psychiatry. Covering areas such as organic mental disorders, schizophrenia, mood disorders, and neurosis.
  • Psychology Today - Featured columns on relationships, mental health education, and work related issues.
  • Spokane Recovery Index - E-learning tutorial on the recovery model. Educational resources to promote utilization of evidence based best practices in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery from mental illness and disability. For consumers and professionals.
  • The Madness Group - Creates a decentralized electronic forum and distribution device. People who experience mood swings, fear, voices and visions can exchange strategies for changing existing public mental health systems, and provide each other mutual support.
  • The Mental Health Foundation - Information about mental health issues and the work of the Foundation. Definitions, resources, and links to mental health information sources.
  • The Practice Newsletter - A free monthly newsletter providing information, education, and free services to individuals seeking self help assistance and information on mental health issues.
  • The Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery - Based on research, involving consumers and professionals, the Tidal Model is currently the subject of an international evaluation. Theory, testimonials, and references.
  • Twilight Bridge - Offers an open counseling forum, newsletter, mental health videos, and links to mental health resources.
  • WebMD - Mental Health - Consumer health information on mental health, written and reviewed by WebMD doctors.
  • Internet Mental Health - The 52 most common mental disorders, medications, news, recovery stories, links.

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