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  • About Birding/Wild Birds - Articles and extensive links.
  • Bird Links to the World - Comprehensive collection of links related to birds, birding, and birders, divided by geographic location.
  • Bird Ringing and Banding Links - Compilation of links related to the ringing (banding) of wild birds.
  • BirdChat Quiz - Stephane Moniotte's site with quiz birds, results of past quizzes, photo gallery, and more.
  • Birding on the Net - Recent messages of birding e-mail groups, rare bird alerts, artwork, checklists, news, and links.
  • Birding the World - Don Roberson's detailed guide to birding in each of the world's biogeographic regions.
  • - Photos, songs, birding hot spots, checklists, links, and advice for new and backyard birders.
  • BirdingPal - Worldwide list of contacts, grouped by location, who are willing to help travelling birdwatchers.
  • Fat Birder - News, comprehensive worldwide birding links, and reviews.
  • Frontiers of Field ID Family Archive - Selected messages from the e-mail group for advanced birding, sorted by family.
  • GORP - Birding - Articles, guides to sites throughout the world, species information, resources, and links of interest to birders.
  • i-bird - International birding journal with articles, photo gallery, and resources.
  • International Migratory Bird Day - Annual event held the second Saturday in May. Brief information about the event and online store.
  • Interpretive Birding Bulletin - Newsletter for understanding bird behavior in North America and Australia, with sample articles.
  • Ocean Wanderers - Seabird news, pelagic birding around the world, annotated lists of seabirds and marine mammals, photo gallery, photo quiz, list of identification articles, and links.
  • Ornifolks - Network of US birders who share trip expenses to bird distant places as economically as possible. Newsletter and trip reports from around the world.
  • Suite101: Birds - Articles and links on different topics related to birds and birding.
  • Surfbirds - World birding news, identification and bird finding articles, photos, sketches, trip reports, and more.
  • The Birding Home - Logs of birders' observations from around the world.
  • Tree of Life - Allen Chartier's trip reports and photographs of birds and other life forms from around the world.
  • WorldTwitch - Guide to finding rare birds around the world.
  • Where Do You Want to Go Birding Today? - Information about birds and birding around the world. Endemic and specialty bird information for many countries; photographs and links to checklists.

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