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  • A Bibligraphy of the History of Palestine, Zionism and Arab Nationalism - Compilation of books covering the history and archeology of Israel/Palestine, Zionism and Arab nationalism, including some memoirs and biographies of leaders, and some books about dialogs and personal monographs.
  • Ancient Egypt Annotated Bibliography - Annotated bibliographies, links to, access to local libraries to find children's literature on Ancient Egypt.
  • Anglo-Saxon Studies - A Select Bibliography - Provides a study guide. Incorporates a range of topics categorized by subject and includes links to online sources.
  • Annual Egyptological Bibliography - Publication of the International Association of Egyptologists. Issues available online.
  • Bibliography of Mesoamerica - Provides 100,000 titles relating to ancient cultures of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, and El Salvador.
  • Bibliography of North American Indians - Compilation of over 800 books providing a resource for teachers, librarians, and curriculum designers who want to introduce multiple cultural perspectives and begin to correct longstanding misunderstandings in American history about North American Indians
  • Bibliography of the History of Art - Listings of indexes and abstracts, art-related books, conference proceedings and dissertations, exhibition and dealer's catalogs, and articles from nearly 4, 000 periodicals covering European and American art from late antiquity to the present.
  • Books About the Picts - Bibliography on the Picts, the pre-Scottish people of northern Britain, and their culture.
  • c18 Bibliographies On-Line - A series of selective, annotated bibliographies on figures from the long eighteenth century, available freely over the world wide web. Includes standard scholarly editions, bibliographies, reference works, biographies, and the major works of criticism.
  • Civil War Regimental History Books - A bibliography of regimental histories from the Civil War, divided by state, with links to regiment web sites.
  • Coleoptera Bibliography - Catalogued by author. Includes links to related resources.
  • Cornish Folklore - Alphabetical catalog of printed resources.
  • Field Marshal Montgomery: An On-Line Bibliography - Lists materials written about him or his Second World War battles and campaigns and materials which have brief sketches of Montgomery are included. Also lists books, articles, and forwards written by Montgomery himself.
  • Freemasonry in the Eighteenth-Century - A bibliography of some of the most insightful pieces of literature on Freemasonry in the eighteen-century. The pieces include the beginnings of Freemasonry in Europe as well as Colonial America.
  • From Smithson to Smithsonian - Bibliography on the history of the Smithsonian Institution.
  • General Leandro Fullon - Research references for the commander of Philippine revolutionary troops in the Visayas during the Spanish-American War.
  • Great Books for History Buffs - A bibliography of recommended books on various historical topics by a graduate student in the subject. The focus is on Vietnam and Emma Goldman.
  • Korean History - Bibliography which covers many features of Korean history. The subjects include not only political, diplomatic, and economic history, but also historical linguistics, art history, literature, philosophy and religion.
  • Medieval Civilization - Selected Books from Torreyson Library in Medieval History.
  • Photographs Of African Americans During The Civil War - Catalog of the contents of the Civil War Photograph Collection Reading Room of the Library of Congress cross referenced with a bibliography of reproductions. The photographs fall into several categories, including soldiers, civilians attached to the military, and contraband and refugees.
  • Roman and Civil Law. - Searchable bibliographies and library catalogues of materials .
  • Royal Historical Society - Describes the work of the Society in compiling authoritative bibliographies on British and Irish history.
  • TarasKuzio - Bibliography of publications, surveys, conference papers and short articles of Ukrainian studies .
  • The Bibliography of Ancient Egypt - Categorized listing of books, cd-roms, videos, cds and audiobooks with much information, including ISBNs, publisher and reviews.
  • The Carolingians - Categorized by subject and features primary sources, general histories, general accounts, and collected papers.
  • The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota - A bibliographical database of relevant books and articles that can be searched by author or subject related to the study of the holocaust and contemporary genocide and teaching about the subject.
  • The Dutch Political Interbellum and Occupation Bibliography - A systematic index of books and brochures on the rise and fall of the Dutch national-socialism (1920 - 1945).
  • Warfare in the Ancient World - A bibliography concerned with ancient warfare, covering the period between the Mycenean World and the Byzantine Empire.

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