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  • - Facts and statistical information about planets, moons, constellations, stars, galaxies, and Messier objects.
  • An Atlas of the Universe - Contains 3D maps of the universe zooming out from the nearest stars to the scale of the galaxy and out to the surrounding superclusters and finally to the scale of the known universe.
  • An Introduction to Astronomy - Learn about astronomy; goes into lots of details, and also has lots of astro-clip art.
  • Astronomical Applications Department, U.S. Naval Observatory - Computes the position, brightness, and other observable characteristics of celestial bodies, as well as the circumstances of astronomical phenomena. Site has extensive information on astronomical phenomena, calendars, and related topics.
  • Astronomical Optical Interferometry - The use of multiple telescopes to produce high resolution images - commonly used at most modern observatories. A literature review article.
  • Astronomical Pseudo-Science: A Skeptic's Resource List - List of resources for those who want to examine with a skeptical eye some of the claims at the fringes of science that seem connected to astronomy.
  • Astronomy Archive - Largest astronomy-related mailing list database with full-text searchable archive.
  • Astronomy Campfire Chat - Forum and chat for discussing astronomy.
  • Astronomy Education and Outreach - General astronomy tutorial, education links, web courses, documents at the UCSD Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences.
  • Astronomy Facts and Trivia - Fun facts and trivia relating to astronomy, space, science fiction movies. Most trivia items are submitted by users.
  • Astronomy for All - Extensive index full of graphics and illustrations about stars, the Solar System, cosmology and Galileo.
  • Astronomy Net - Resources, searchable forums and searchable lists of organizations providing astronomy services.
  • Astronomy Today - Articles on astronomy, cosmology and space exploration, with a regularly updated sky guide and the latest space news.
  • AstroWeb - Astronomical Internet resources by the Space Telescope Science Institute.
  • Australia Astro Site - Extensive resources for astronomy.
  • Beyond Earth - Everything Not on Earth - We provide info about the beginning of universe and solar system. About the planets, quasars, the Milky Way, black holes. Life of a star, etc. Travel in space and extraterrestrial beings.
  • Can I Buy a Star, or Have One Named? - No.
  • Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy - A web encyclopedia. Over 500 entries, ranging from definitions to full articles.
  • Guidelines For Star Naming - From International Planetarium Society.
  • Infrared Astronomy - All about infrared astronomy from NASA's infrared astronomy center: Discovery of infrared, what is infrared and infrared astronomy, history, the infrared universe, gallery, activities, discoveries, missions and a lot of links to IR astronomy sites.
  • Magnetic Astronomy - Cosmic Magnetism - Starting from Earth, a voyage on a rocket to the edge of the Universe will show on the way different magnetic fields in different objects.
  • The Naming of Stars - Leaflet from Royal Greenwich Observatory.

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