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  • AllProTraining - Coaches from professional sports organizations offer training tips, also provides online chats, sports related news and sales of nutritional and training merchandise.
  • Athletes Helping Athletes - Train for your next marathon, cycling event, 10K, 5K race or other fitness event while raising funds to help challenged athletes reach their dreams.
  • Athletic Leagues and Sports Clubs Nationwide - Provider of year-round sports, parties and world wide travel for over 350,000 active adults ages 21 to 34.
  • Beta-Q Sports Training Analysis - Measures and graphically compares components like strength, speed and endurance in weight and strength, speed and endurance, fitness, running, swimming and bodybuilding training.
  • Elite Athleticism - Multi-faceted program developed by Dean Brittenham to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, energy and explosive coordination. Facility located at Scripps Clinic, Shiley Sport & Health Center in La Jolla, California.
  • FIT 2 PLAY - Athletic training designed to improve speed, agility, quickness, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and power, while reducing the occurrence of sports related injuries. Clinics are held throughout Columbus and Central Ohio.
  • Fit4U - A personal training program via the Internet. [Site in Dutch and English.]
  • Fitness Testing Guide by Rob Wood - A comprehensive site on all things to do with fitness testing, including discussions and descriptions of over 30 fitness tests.
  • Grail Sports Inc. - A new Zen sports methodology, followed by top-ranked athletes. Applicable to all sports, especially tennis, golf, and baseball.
  • Hatha Yoga Lesson - In depth instructional site with animated gifs that demonstrate stretching and yoga techniques to increase strength and flexibility.
  • - Expert sports gurus give free interactive lessons, cross training tips, conditioning techniques and sports gear advice.
  • National Athletic Trainers' Association - Current events, education, meeting information, membership details and member awards.
  • Netsportsusa - Offers professional sports news, stats, and scores for college and major league baseball, NBA basketball, NFL football, and soccer. Also info on coaching, camps, equipment, training, and nutrition.
  • Resource for Athletes and Coaches - Newsletter for athletes and coaches with sport-specific training routines, performance nutrition, mental training, and mental strength.
  • Smart Heart Rate - A site dedicated to heart rate related performance testing and endurance training and racing. V02 max testing via direct gas analysis. Includes articles on physiology, training, breathing. Presents heartrate monitors.
  • SoleTrainer - A showcase and locator site for trainers, coaches, instructors and clubs.
  • SpeedQuest - Athletic speed and quickness training.
  • Sport Specific Training Programs - New sports training manuals that are guaranteed to improve your speed, strength and agility. Free training report and newsletters are featured.
  • The Sporting Eye - Sports Vision Training Solutions - Offers sports vision training for athletes. Choose from one of four Vision Training Packages or Eye Aerobics At-Home Sports Vision Training Program.
  • The Tudor Bompa Periodization Training System - An integrated approach to training that is designed to enable any individual to achieve optimal performance levels.
  • Top Achievers Foundation - Offers programs concentrating on the physical development and mental conditioning of young athletes, including speed development, basketball and football camps, after school programs, and sports leagues.
  • - Web based training system based on Joe Friel's "Bible" series of books for triathletes, cyclists, runners and endurance athletes of all levels.
  • UltraLog - Web-based training log allowing users to chart time, distance, heart rate, intensity or calories burned in various activities.
  • - Guide to sports camps for all ages and skill levels in a variety of sports and selected links to sports instructional websites.
  • Winning Stats Training Logs - An Internet based cycling program that allows atletes to log daily cycling and races. Also includes log programs for running, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and swimming.
  • - Contains training and nutrition information geared toward those participating in equestrian, running, and weight training. Also contains product reviews.

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