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  • America Survival - Emergency preparedness information, including an anthrax primer, winter survival information, water and food storage, elderly and pet emergency management and news updates.
  • American Red Cross - Disaster Services - Information about planning, preparing, and responding to disasters, and helping the public stay safe.
  • American Red Cross Disaster Services - Individual and family disaster safety tips.
  • Blackout - Small list of tips and suggestions.
  • Captain Dave's Survival Center - News and information including disaster types, evacuation planning, food and water preservation and storage, weapons procurement, caching, first aid and survival medicine, plus reviews of survival books and products.
  • CBS News Disaster Links - Information about a variety of manmade and natural disaster-related websites. Quick reference and access to realtime data.
  • Chef Noah - Information for disaster and emergency preparedness. Includes a shopping list for weekly food storage buying.
  • Common Sense Survival Guides - Guides for many different kinds of emergencies available both on the website and in book form.
  • Disaster Preparation - Allstate Insurance disaster and catastrophe preparation and recovery. Safety tips, online claim reporting for damage from hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, wind, lightning, freeze, earthquakes, and wildfires.
  • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response Association - Disaster preparedness and emergency response reference material, job opportunities, and related information.
  • Emergency and safety information - Safety information including babysitting, water, chemical, fire, explosives, poison, internet safety, child safety, and emergency software. Storm definitions and emergency preparation. Missing children information.
  • Emergency Email Network - A public private partnership between government, public services and private underwriting sponsors.
  • Emergency Kitchen - Advice and lists for preparing the home and family for emergencies. Written in the context of Y2K, but equally applicable for all emergency preparations. Includes a summertime test.
  • Emergency Preparedness Center - Free guidebook to download. Illustrated emergency preparedness step-by-step checklist of survival kits and first aid supplies needed for any disaster.
  • Emergency Survival Guidebook - A 46-page PDF guidebook with emergency preparedness checklists and tips for surviving different types of emergencies.
  • Emergency.Com - Provides crisis, conflict, and emergency service news, analysis, and reference information.
  • FEMA for Kids - A resources for kids to learn about disaster preparedness. Includes information for teachers and students.
  • Flood Resistant Building System - Information on building a flood resistant floating house, including concept and plans.
  • Food - Preparedness papers.
  • Food Supply Updates - Articles from The Ark Institute regarding food and water supply.
  • Home Defense News - Resource to help families defend themselves and their homes against terrorism, crime, natural disasters, nuclear, chemical and biological threats.
  • Homesteading, a Guide to a Simpler Life - Self-reliance, Y2K checklist, gardening, food storage, preservation methods, recipes for do-it-yourself convenience foods,herbals,cleaning products. Message board.
  • inventoryMe - Secure online home inventory application to get insurance claims handled quickly and accurately. Site features photo uploads, item valuations, customizable reports, and email reminders. No software download required.
  • Just In Case - Free preparedness worksheets to download. Barbara Salsbury provides the know-how for setting up a realistic, organized program for personal security according to your circumstances, environment, and budget.
  • Kind Planet - Emergency and disaster preparedness for those with large and small companion animals. Checklists to help organize.
  • Knowledge Hound - Free online tips & tutorials for disaster preparedness and survival: planning ahead, water filtration, alternative energy sources, solar cooking and food preparation, growing food, building temporary & permanent structures.
  • La Habra First Ward Emergency Preparedness - Help in preparing your family for any emergency. How to start a years supply food storage and organize it in your home.
  • Lehman's Non-electric Catalog - Country living, cooking, gardening, preserving, animal husbandry, farming, building, and more.
  • - One stop source for women to gather and learn about preparedness. Featured is the Forum,'s Survival Talk for Women.
  • NOAA Emergency Information - US Government tips and safety information.
  • - Hundreds of food and water storage, preparedness, self-reliance, and safety articles and links. Free monthly food storage newsletter, recipes, and newsgroups.
  • Ol' Buffalo Family Preparedness Checklist - A comprehensive checklist and links to potential disaster and financial crisis sites.
  • Peninsulas Emergency Preparedness Committee - Helping family and neighborhoods prepare for earthquakes, volcanoes, fires and floods, in Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, and Pierce County, WA. Water storage barrels for sale.
  • Phoenix Disaster Services - This site provides assistance and information about disaster preparedness to rural and small urban community Emergency Managers.
  • Potassium Iodide Radiation Protection FAQ - Nuclear accident/war preventative medicine FAQ with thyroid-blocking iodine sources.
  • Pro Mundani - Education and training services on mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for all emergency situations threatening life, health and property.
  • Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) - Public service organization provided by a volunteer reserve communications group within US government agencies in times of extraordinary need. Includes rules, news, organization information and related resources.
  • Rim's L.A. Disaster Preparedness - Links to organizations that provide information regarding emergencies, including charities, government offices, and utility companies, and information about health, highways, el nino, earthquakes, and the media.
  • Surviving Disaster - How to prepare now to survive a disaster or any extended interruption in utility services or food or water supply. Includes essentials lists and tips on health, water purification, food storage, refrigeration, heat, light, sanitation, pet care, biological and chemical attacks, finance, safety, survival kits, first aid and health.
  • Taking Shelter From the Storm -- Shelter Plans - Provides advice and instructions for building a shelter from tornados, hurricans and other natural disasters. Includes construction plans and cost estimates. [PDF Format].
  • The Disaster Center - Internet source for worldwide disaster information.
  • The Emergency Email Network - Sign up for emergency email notification by local, state and federal government sources. A Public private partnership with government agencies.
  • The Family Connection. - Ways to become more self-sustaining, with articles and information on food storage, emergency kits, first-aid kits, gardening, storage of a year's supply of clothing, blankets, and recipes.
  • University of Illinois Extension Disaster Resources - Provides access to information¬†on disaster preparedness, including links to disaster agencies, organizations,¬†and information networks.
  • Welcome to - Your Home Inventory is a MS Excel workbook file that contains nineteen categories in which you can store ALL your home, personal, and financial data. Links to disaster information sites and weather sites.
  • Y2K Women - What every woman needs to know and how to keep herself and her family safe in emergency situations.

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