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  • A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia - Includes book of word records, palindromic words, pangrams, most beautiful and ugly words, Scrabble words, and Bible word trivia.
  • Acronym Finder - Searchable database of primarily computer, technology and military acronyms and abbreviations. Includes the Acronym Finder Random Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector Acronym Generator (AFRSBPPAG).
  • Apostrophe's Rule - A site on Apostrophes and how to use them properly.
  • - Funny and cool away messages for you to use on such services as AOL, AIM, and ICQ.
  • Database of American Proprietary Eponyms - List of American brand names which have fallen into general use.
  • Dislexicon Word Generator - Contains Dislexicon generates new made up words and definitions for the words.
  • - Dedicated to amusing quirks, peculiarities, and oddities of the English language.
  • - A campaign to put the invented word "granadon" into various dictionaries, and spread it in popular usage.
  • How to translate "Oh my God! There's an axe in my head." - How to say the phrase in dozens of languages from Ape to Welch.
  • Humour Articles - Humor collection of many years compiled from magazines, newspapers, emails and the web. Why Ask Why, Computers' Daft Definitions and Deft Definitions Collection included.
  • Janet's Wordplay Site - Articles, puzzles, and quizzes. Dozens of features about having fun with words.
  • Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection - A collection of palindromes, phrases that spell the same forwards as backwards, with links to relevant resources on the web and elsewhere.
  • Lost in Translation - Uses the Systran translation software to transfer a given sentence from English to five different languages and back.
  • - A large collection of palindromes, focusing on palindromic single sentences. Currently over 2,000 archived.
  • Phobias - Article lists some of the more amusing phobias, like arachibutyrophobia-- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
  • Piece of Pi MadLibs - Site featuring a collection of madlibs.
  • SadMan Software: Wordplay - Software for the word-puzzle enthusiast.
  • The Devil's Dictionary 2000 - Humorous and satirical word definitions with an up-to-date spin.
  • Smurf the Web - The WebSmurfer will translate any web page into Smurf jargon.
  • Spelling and Anagram Text Dictionary - List of English words in plain text, with one web page for each initial letter. Includes complete list of anagrams.
  • Stink Pink - Questions have answers with two rhyming words.
  • Teach the stupid sausage - Here you can teach a little cute sausage definitions of words.
  • The Atlantic Online: Lost in Translation - Article explores the then currently available online translation programs, their strengths and shortcomings. Some humorous examples of mistranslated phrases.
  • The Collective Noun Page - Entertaining and annotated listing of collective nouns such as 'a murder of crows' and 'a pomposity of professors'.
  • The Devil's Dictionary Random Definitions - Quotes from Ambrose Bierce's satirical definition selected at random. Complete text also available.
  • The Nautical Origins for Some Common Expressions - Explaining the marine origins of some common words, figures of speech, and everyday expressions.
  • The Palindromist Magazine - An offline journal for people who write and enjoy palindromes.
  • The Pangram Page - Contains definition and lists of pangrams. Includes some in French and Latin as well as English pangrams.
  • The Pangram Page - Contains an introduction to pangrams including why they are needed and examples, which are highlighed in purple.
  • The Unjumbler - Word jumble puzzle solver, and anagram finder.
  • - A collection of made-up words and definitons created by everyday people, out of necessity or for humor.
  • Verbisms - Features words with double meanings, like "Egg Rolls".
  • Wireless Power Word Game - Challenging word jumbles posted every week.
  • Wordage: The Game of Words - Has three levels of difficulty to challenge the average player as well as any lurking wordsmiths.
  • Wordies on the Web - Translate these arrangements of letters, numbers and/or symbols into a familiar phrase, saying or cliché.
  • Words and Stuff - A occasional column on words and word play.

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