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  • 100 Funny Pictures Of Celebrities - Contains funny photos, animations, cartoons of Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, and many others.
  • Aveit - Contains jokes, news, funny pictures, comics, and cartoons.
  • - A balanced diet of humor, formulated to cleanse the bowels of your consciousness.
  • Chihuahuaboy - The only magazine that devours its own young. Join the revolution today and get a free something for your toaster frame.
  • Comedy Zone - Features funny pictures, jokes and funny quotes, stand up comedians, fun trivia, daily cartoons, and comedy links.
  • FunFiles.Com - Site dedicated to taking the stress out of life with a good laugh.
  • - Videos, audio, pictures, files, and shopping.
  • - Source for free jokes, funny pictures, downloads, and games.
  • Mental Jokes - Includes email pranks, downloadable files, phone and answering machine pranks, click and print signs. Features a few products for sale online.
  • Mind Your Own Business - Site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron.
  • - Parody, satire, humor, and links to the weirdest sites on the web.
  • RealHumor - A humour portal with thousands of jokes and other articles, news, literature, and humor links.
  • - Free jokes, cartoons, funny stories and humor for everyone to enjoy.
  • Subatomic Humor - A weekly humor column with facts about the Roman Empire, frank talk about pants, and time travel advice.
  • The Daily Wasted Times - Featuring news articles, pictures and a forum.
  • The Easter Egg Archive - Amusing secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.
  • The Funny Page - Jokes, cartoons, cute pet pictures, internet addiction list, and other assorted fun.
  • The Humor Channel - Contains links and descriptions to all the most off-beat, crazy and weird humor online.
  • The Lighter Side - A light hearted look at life using humour, jokes, laughter
  • The Mother of All Excuses Place - Read or submit excuses for not going to work, school, being stopped by the police, breaking dates, doctor excuses and other topics.
  • Tuna Pie - Featuring pictures, jokes, cartoons and movies. Also offers online greeting cards.
  • - The world of weird humor.
  • Welcome to Spindy's Place - Humor, parody, jokes, audio and video. A full contact humor site.
  • Why Be Bored - Includes a selection of jokes, games, puzzles, animated gifs, funny videos, downloads, pictures, and cartoons.
  • World Of Toofaani - Featuring blonde jokes, classroom humor and cartoon pictures. Also offers love and friendship quotes.
  • Zug - From the people who brought you poverty, inflation, and the common cold. Updated weekly.
  • Rec.humor.funny - The net's oldest and most popular comedy publication and newsgroup, featuring daily jokes and stories.

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