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  • Democracy: Rhetorical Texts - A catalog of links to e-texts of important speeches, largely from presidents and historic feminist figures, with research resources. Compiled by Robert Ivie of the University of Indiana.
  • Immediacy of Rhetoric - Doctoral thesis about immediacy of the internet as a rhetorical forum.
  • Kenneth Burke Parlor - References and discussions about Kenneth Burke, a prominent rhetorician.
  • Modern Rhetorical Theory - Academic website with resources for rhetorical theory.
  • Notes Toward the Development of a Theory (or Theories) of Post-WWII "Taiwanese" Rhetoric - Ruminations on how rhetorical practices in Taiwan might be theorized, especially in terms of how those practices might be distinguished from "Chinese rhetoric."
  • - The art of rhetoric; including but not limited to conspiracies, jokes, famous quotes.
  • Persuasion Analysis - Approaches for analyzing persuasion in advertising and political rhetoric through the Intensify/Downplay schema.
  • Rhetoric and Composition - A list of online resources related to classical rhetoric, writing centers, and university rhetoric departments. Not all links are current.
  • Rhetoric and Composition Calls Fields Journals Listserves Moos Organizations Programs Terms - A portal for researchers and practitioners of Rhetoric and Composition.
  • Teachings about the art of oratory - A growing page on the teachings of rhetoric from the classic orators up to today's communicators.
  • The Power of Words - A description with examples of twenty types of emotional appeals, fallacious arguments, and other verbal manipulations that touch the heart and manipulate the mind.
  • Rhetoric Links - Internet links on rhetoric and its theory. Particularly good collection of e-texts and background material on classical and early Christian rhetoric.
  • Rhetoric Resources At Tech - Created by faculty and students at Georgia Tech, this is nearly a textbook on the history, major figures, and key terms of rhetoric.
  • Rhetorical Studies Resources - Resources in philosophy, metaphor, and other topics of interest to rhetorical studies scholars, from the University of Iowa.
  • The Forest of Rhetoric - A guide to the terms of classical and Renaissance rhetoric provided by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University.

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