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  • - Collection of book reviews and essays, mostly on popular science, with an emphasis on science as a guide to truth. Also includes a discussion forum.
  • Alan Sokal on the "Social Text Affair" - Read all about the hoax in which Sokal submitted a bogus article to a humanities journal, including the article, the aftermath, and his motivation.
  • Association for Politics and the Life Sciences - Interdisciplinary association of scholars, scientists, and policymakers concerned with problems that involve politics or public policy and one or more of the life sciences.
  • Belgian Biosafety Server - Focusing on scientific and regulatory aspects of biosafety, with regard to human activities carried out using pathogenic or genetically-modified organisms.
  • Biosociety - Website for European Union socio-economic research in the life sciences. Information and research areas, databases, and general aims, as well as discussion forum, networks, and related links.
  • Center for Science, Policy, and Outcomes - A non-profit think tank that works with the U.S. Congress on issues involving science policies and their effects on society. Includes issues papers and analyses on current topics.
  • Center for the Study of Technology and Society - A nonprofit research and educational organization which considers the social effects of technological change.
  • Cyber Tech Seminars - Exploring the transformation of the internet from what was seen as a communications medium to a truly social environment. From Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology - Addressing such issues as environmental, health and safety implications of technology, engineering ethics and professional responsibility.
  • Irish Science Centres Association - ISCAN fosters and promotes the public understanding of science and technology in Ireland.
  • National Conference of Lawyers and Scientists - Addressing matters including scientific fraud, reliability scientific and technical information available to the federal courts, legal, ethical, and technological aspects of computer networks and genetic testing, and intellectual property issues associated with electronic publishing.
  • RiskWorld - Resources on risk assessment and risk management in medicine, environment, and society at large.
  • Science & Institutions - Personal web pages of Luis Gonzalez-Mestres, including topics of science ethics and other social aspects of science.
  • Science, Technology and Society Links - Links to STS-related information sources from North Carolina State University.
  • Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law Program - A project to examine intellectual property issues associated with electronic publishing in science.
  • TechNet: The Technology Network of the World Bank - Designed to encourage understanding of, and promote the use of science, technology and information in development.
  • Technology and Culture - A scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of technology in its relationships with society and culture.
  • The Engines of Our Ingenuity - Transcripts of a radio program exploring technology and culture.
  • The Masters of History - A book about the impact of science and engineering on society.
  • Virtual Society? - Introduction to the Virtual Society? Programme: the social science of electronic technologies.
  • Voice of the Shuttle - Science, Technology, and Culture Page at this website for Humanities Research.
  • W3C Technology & Society Domain - Concentrating on issues that arise from applications of Web technology, and devoting significant resources to international public policy issues.
  • WACRA Europe - World Association for Case Method Research and Case Method Application, Europe - Advancing the philosophy that complex economic and social problems, whether acute or chronic, cannot be solved by academic research bounded by the conventional constraints of strict rationality.
  • What the Social Text Affair Does and Does Not Prove - Article by Alan Sokal.
  • World Conference on Science - Final reports from the international conference, addressing many aspects of the place of science in society, including ethics, science and technology in economic development, and environmental and economic issues.

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