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  • "The Hook..." - Variants and analysis of this classic urban legend.
  • 4UrbanLegends - Lists of annotated links to hoaxes, scams, and urban legends.
  • Urban Legends and Folklore - Articles, links, and an archive of urban and internet folklore.
  • Calypso's Urban Legends - Small collection of famous urban legends.
  • Christians United For The Truth - Aims to debunk internet and email hoaxes as well as myths; membership includes monthly newsletter and forum digest.
  • Common E-mail Hoaxes - A list of some of the more popular internet hoaxes, urban legends, rumors, and junk, circulated through your email.
  • Darwin Awards Urban Legends - Cautionary tales of human evolution in action that are simply too astounding to be true.
  • Don't Spread That Hoax! - Debunking hoaxes as well as urban legends that spread on the internet.
  • Email Tracking Program Hoax - Debunks an email hoax about a new program from Microsoft.
  • Envasion: Making Paranoia Fun Again - E-zine dedicated to urban legends, paranoia, and conspiracy theories.
  • Global Monetary - Get your IDchip inplant.
  • Grahams Urban Legends! - Urban rumours grouped by theme, with indications of their being true, not true, or possible.
  • Hoaxbusters - Information about hoaxes, chain letters, urban myths and other bogus information being routed around the internet.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Urban Legends Work - What they are, where they come from, and why they spread so quickly.
  • Information About Email You Receive - Quick summary on hoaxes, chain letters, urban myths and other bogus information sent through the internet.
  • Is the Hotel California in the Eagles' song located in Todos Santos, Mexico? - Dispels the myth that this Eagles song was written about a hotel in Todos Santos, Mexico.
  • Jan Harold Brunvand - Transcript of an interview with folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand, author of "Too Good to be True - The Colossal Book of Urban Legends."
  • Legends From a Small Country - From the collection of Arthur Goldstuck, South Africa's foremost authority on urban legends.
  • LIEmails: The Truth About E-mail Lies - E-mail hoaxes debunked, from a Christian point of view.
  • Monkeyburgers - Tasty Urban legends - Includes urban legends circulating in the Netherlands.
  • Urban Folklore - Urban legends and beliefs gathered from across the net.
  • Radek's Urban Legend Central - Small collection of urban legends and other stories.
  • Spiffo's Urban Myths And Legends - All of the classics along with stories you may not have seen before.
  • Stiller Research Virus Hoax News - Virus and other hoaxes that spread by email.
  • The Cat in Urban Mythology - Essay by Sarah Hartwell discussing the images of the cat in urban legends.
  • The Horse and the Maiden: An Urban Legend in Ancient Athens - Article by Lowell Edmunds, Rutgers University.
  • The Lost Playground - Submitted local legends, strange experiences, and photos; inspired by the magazine Weird N.J.
  • The Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story - Review of Jan Harold Brunvand's book on urban legends, with excerpt.
  • The Urban Legend Combat Kit - Collection of prepared responses to refute oft cited internet myths and urban legends.
  • - A website devoted to American folklore and urban legends.
  • Too Good to Be True - Review of Jan Harold Brunvand's book on urban legends, with excerpt.
  • Tourist Of Death - A site maintaining the history of the WTC Rooftop Tourist picture hoax, and all copycat pictures resulting from the original picture.
  • Uncle Ken's Urban Myth Page - Small collection of common urban legends.
  • Urban Legends - Essay by Seppo Raudaskoski on urban legends.
  • Urban Legends & Modern Myths - Collection of urban legends, modern myths and American folklore.
  • Urban Legends Reference Pages - Attempts to give accurate information about rumors and urban legends on a variety of topics, including war, business, events, toxins, science, military, popular culture.
  • Urban Legends Research Centre - Archive of annotated urban legends and beliefs, as well as ghost legends, and superstitions, with FAQ.
  • Urban Legends: An Electronic Art Exhibit - A virtual gallery of multimedia artistic representations of urban legends, by Sarah Wichlacz.
  • Urban Myths & Legends - Submitted stories and other fantastic messages.
  • Urban Myths! - Compilation of famous urban legends, scare mails, and scams.
  • Virus Hoaxes and Netlore - Information on virus hoaxes, chain letters, and netlore circulating via email.
  • Weird US - Strange stories from around the States: ghosts, local legends, crazy characters, UFOs, and other oddities.
  • Weird USA - Gazette of urban legends and beliefs, as well as ghost sightings and hauntings.
  • AFU and Urban Legends Archive - Material from the alt.folklore.urban usenet group.

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