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  • Access Place Food - A large collection of links to food magazines, gourmet recipes and to cooking, dining, beverage and chef sites.
  • AOL Anywhere - Food and Cooking Web Channel - Find recipes, cooking tips, restaurant guides, and food and cooking merchandise.
  • Chef Famie's Adventures in Cooking - Globe trotting chef brings flavor and adventure to the cyber-world kitchen.
  • Chef Forum - Resource for the Pacific Northwest's chefs, cooks and culinarians to exchange ideas, find employees and use as a culinary internet resource.
  • - Information related to food and its consumption, search engine for finding restaurants, cafes and pubs. Cocktail recipes and beverage information, message boards and chat rooms.
  • - For those who live to eat, a site with food news, talk about favorite foods, favorite restaurants.
  • Cooking Media - What's new in newspaper food sections, cooking magazines, and with the television chefs, plus a recipe link of the day and free recipEcards.
  • Dead Food Message Board - Discuss your favorite foods that are no longer being produced. Part of the Top Secret Recipes Web site.
  • DiscoverNZ - New Zealand recipes, and food products.
  • - All about ethnic foods and ingredients, international holiday food traditions, recipes, fun food facts and cultural nutrition resources.
  • Food and Dining - Links to food and dining related sites.
  • Food Reference Website - Articles on food history, recipes, food trivia, culinary facts, quotes and events, games.
  • Food Resources - Large collection of food links for caterers, chefs and hospitality management students. Maintained by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
  • Food Trivia and Fun Facts - Fun facts and trivia relating to food.
  • FoodChat Forum - Discussion forum and recipe exchange.
  • - News of the gourmet foods and specialities industry, with weekly articles written by speciality food industry experts.
  • - Ask questions and get advice on healthy living and eating.
  • - What did you eat today? A photographic collection of real food eaten by real people.
  • Garlic Festival Foods - A wealth of garlic facts, recipes and resources from Gilroy, California. Also online ordering.
  • International Gourmet - Recipes, cookware and appliance information, a cooking glossary, and what's new in food products.
  • Mail-A-Meal - Send electronic postcards with images of all kinds of food and beverages, including desserts and appetizers.
  • Nick Paine's Exotic Kitchen - Culinary archaeologist presents a dramatic study of exotic and historic tribal foods, filmed in the Peruvian Amazon.
  • Food Experts - Expert advice from lifestyle gurus and chefs, recipes, gourmet food trends, caterers, restaurants, gourmet cooking schools and recipes, party and entertaining ideas.
  • Project: Denny's - And so it was written that at each Denny's there shall be a worker whose image resembles that of Saint Al of Yankovic. (not official site, one man's Denny's quest.)
  • Rogov's Israel - Restaurant and wine critic explores the culinary potential of Israel. Restaurant guide, ethnic and regional recipes, local wines and culinary anecdotes.
  • Sally's Place - Food and drink news, reviews, recipes, restaurants and travel.
  • - Tasty recipes and articles for the food lover and wine enthusiast and information on St. Louis restaurants.
  • Food and Drink - "How to" advice in detailed steps to creating romantic meals, choosing wine and scotch, enjoying sushi, brewing beer, cooking barbecue, and mixing drinks.
  • Supermarket Guru - Shopping information and advice, product reviews and ratings, and cooking tips.
  • - Home of the Sushi FAQ (frequently asked questions) with information about sushi, sashimi, and related Japanese food.
  • The Alternative to Food and Drink UK - Reviews of food and drink products.
  • The Empty Bowl - Reviews of breakfast cereal, as well as cereal related news.
  • The Good Web Guide Food Channel - For discerning British foodies, providing reviews of selected food-related websites and a searchable database.
  • The Rice Page - A complete reference on rice and its business with links to information on its history, culture, business, and recipes.
  • - Global food and foodservice search engine and business directory.
  • Top Secret Recipes on the Web - Make brand-name products at home with common ingredients. New recipes every month. Site includes message boards, chats, an online store, and a message board for discussing brand-name food no longer being produced.
  • Uncommon Foods - Articles and links on uncommon foods - insects, edible flowers, wild foods, game, tropical produce, sea vegetables and unique regional/ethnic delicacies.
  • Webicurean - The site is devoted to epicurean adventures on the Internet. Visitors are taken on themed, food-related virtual tours.
  • World of Mayonnaise - Satirical site all about mayonnaise, with recipes and ratings of different brands.
  • WorldTable - Travel, food, and wine, and in particular, dining in France and New York City.
  • Zenobia Nuts and Seeds - Find out all about pistachios, cashews, macadamias, sunflower and pumpkin seeds from Zenobia.

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