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  • Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane/Xavier Universities. - Provides information about the CBR and its mission to conduct and coordinate research and teaching to enhance global understanding of environmental issues and provide solutions through innovative communication and technology.
  • Environmental Change and Human Health in Countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific - Report by Stockholm Environmental Institute concludes that "old" problems of inadequate water, poor sanitation, smoky dwellings, and a lack of food, together with changes in the world economy pose a more obvious threat in these countries than does global climate change.
  • European Environment Agency - Collection of indicators, reports, links, data sets and targets on European human health topics related to the environment.
  • Fiberglass Information Network - Information on the health hazards of respirable, durable mineral fibers. Victims' stories, symptoms, background, identification and clean up tips.
  • Global Warming Could Worsen Allergies, Study Finds - NY Times article about study on potential for global climate change to increase the prevalence of ragweed. [Subscription required - free.]
  • Health and Environment Research - World Research Institute research into the interaction between human disease, pollution, and large-scale environmental, development, and demographic changes.
  • How Energy Policies Affect Public Health - The connection between energy policy and increased levels of respiratory and cardiopulmonary disease has become clearer in the past few years. People living in cities with high levels of pollution have a higher risk of mortality than those living in less polluted cities.
  • Institute of Occupational, Social, and Environmental Medicine, Erfurt, Germany - Discusses the institute's background and current and past projects. Indoor air quality is a particular focus. Bilingual site has more extensive information in Deutsch than in English.
  • Longitudinal Cohort Study of Environmental Effects on Child Health and Development - News and information about progress of this U.S. government initiative.
  • National Center for Environmental Assessment (U.S. EPA) - National resource center for the overall process of human health and ecological risk assessments; the integration of hazard, dose-response, and exposure data and models to produce risk characterizations.
  • National Environmental Indicator Series - Environmental indicators are selected key statistics which represent or summarize a significant aspect of the state of the environment, natural resource sustainability and related human activities.
  • National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals - CDC National Center for Environmental Health report of ongoing assessment of the U.S. populations exposure to environmental chemicals using biomonitoring.
  • The Chemical Manipulation of Human Consciousness - Directory of links on environmental chemicals and toxicity.
  • Trade Secrets - A Moyers Report - PBS investigative report by Bill Moyers about how human health and safety have been put at risk by the chemical industry. Includes documents obtained during a lawsuit against chemical companies. Advocates citizen action.
  • Weather and Health - DO health network reports on global warming and atmospheric spread of disease and alternative theory of mad cow disease.
  • Winthrop AIR Environment-Health - Information resource on airport-related environmental health concerns, particularly the effect of airport air emissions on the health of nearby communities. Includes report of an environmental health survey around Boston's Logan Airport.

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