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  • 4Time - A guide to time resources from
  • A Walk Through Time - Evolution of timekeeping through the centuries.
  • About Daylight Saving Time - History from Benjamin Franklin to the present. U.S. law and practice. Worldwide time change dates.
  • Atomic Clock Time - Displayed in a variety of useful formats. Site is a front-end to U.S. government atomic clocks.
  • Calendar Studies - Information about calendar history and calendar reform.
  • Calendar Zone - A categorized collection of calendar related sites.
  • Calendar: A History - The history of the western calendar and the clock.
  • Clickable Calendars - An interactive monthly calendar of events, history and trivia,
  • Date Algorithms - Provides descriptions, proofs and computer programming implementation examples to convert dates to various calendar dates for Julian, Gregorian, and Rata Die calendars.
  • English Calendar - Includes an ecclesiastical calendar and a section on old and new style dating.
  • Greenwich - Information about time zones, time keeping and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • International Standard Date and Time Notation - An overview of the ISO 8601 notation for dates.
  • NIST Time and Frequency Division - The National Institute of Standards and Technology maintains time and frequency standards for the United States.
  • The Calendar - Summarizes the history of various calendars developed and used over the centuries.
  • This Day In History - Today in history every day - often with pictures and sound.
  • Time - Provides descriptions of several standards of time.
  • Time FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about time (from sci.astro news group)
  • Time References - To set your watch or clock accurately using a time reference. Explains the various options for residents of North America.
  • Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data - A directory of sites providing descriptions of civil timekeeping concepts, source code, databases, and maps.
  • U.S. Time Zones - History of standard time in the U.S.
  • United States Code - Weights, measures and standard time.
  • When Do You Want To Go Today? - Information on all things relating to calendars, dates, holidays, and time. Find today's date on several different cultural and religious calendars. Includes section on Celestial data, countdown clocks, and information on the dates past events.

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